Great success for the 14th CNB Rendez-Vous dedicated to CNB shipyard yachts. 3 days of racing and social events in the enchanting Marina of Punta Ala for 14 hulls from 60′ to 76′.

The formula is now proven and increasingly appreciated by CNB owners, who gathered in Punta Ala June 16-18 for the CNB Rendez-Vous. As many as 14 yachts from the French shipyard ranging in length from 60 feet (18 meters) to 76 feet (22 meters). The rendezvous began on June 16 with the arrival of boats and crews who found hospitality from Team CNB in the Punta Ala Marina, supported by the Punta Ala Yacht Club, which has a beautiful and welcoming clubhouse right here.

Two days of racing followed. On Saturday, while waiting for the wind, Thiénot, our faithful sponsor, delivered champagne to all participating boats at a perfect temperature so they could toast the regattas to come. Then, in the early afternoon, a westerly breeze between 7 and 9 knots stretched out, more than enough to bring home two races for the day on a coastal course between the Sparrowhawk Islet and the Gulf of Punta Ala for a distance of about 6 miles.

Winners of the day – with the hulls divided into two main groups: 8 Bordeaux 60′ in the first and 6 hulls between CNB 66 and CNB 76 in the second – in the first group were John Reardon’s Maltese Bordeaux 60 The Rock and Swiss owner Sven Hansen’s CNB 76 Uconic. Positions they both maintained in both the second and third races, leaving little chance for other crews with winning ambitions. Saturday evening was then devoted to a gala dinner in the garden of the Punta Ala Yacht Club.

On Sunday, the same course was replicated for the third and final scheduled race, but with a sirocco wind around 12 knots and allowing all participants to complete the day’s race very quickly. With a well-attended awards ceremony at the Punta Ala Yacht Club on Sunday afternoon, the sporting part of the Rendez-Vous was then concluded, which saw on the podium, in the CNB 60 class, in addition to the Maltese team of The Rock (1,3,1 its partials), Richard Bedere’s French Mr. Beelzebuth (2,2,3) and the German Dumia, of Hans Peter Howald (5,1,5).

In the CNB 76 and CNB 66 class, in addition to the aforementioned Uconic (1,1,1), second place for Renato Mazzeschi’s CNB 66 Anna Bolina 3 and third place for Italo Mariani’s CNB 76 Bele of London.

Once again the CNB Rendez-Vous, which this year for the first time was held in Punta Ala, proved to be a wonderful opportunity to start the summer season, to get together and share the spirit and passion that unites the owners and friends of the CNB family.

“It is a source of pride to see the participation of so many boat owners and hulls that have recently become de facto part of the Solaris family,” said commercial director Vincent Arnaud, “especially on this occasion, which is a ‘first’ for us, since last year CNB and Solaris had participated together in the Solaris Cup in Porto Rotondo. This year we went back to the traditional format and ‘separated’ the two events, but it is with great pleasure that we note that the enthusiasm is unchanged and that the choice of Punta Ala turned out to be perfect both because of the weather conditions and the availability of the Marina and the Punta Ala Yacht Club.”

CNB, acquired by Solaris Yachts in 2021 is one of the leading manufacturers of series production offshore sailing yachts. Its range includes the models featured in Punta Ala-the Bordeaux 60, the CNB 66 and the CNB 76, the latter of which is now the world’s best-selling series production maxi yacht with more than 35 sailing. But there are new models on the way, starting with the CNB 78 that will have its world premiere in September at the Cannes boat show, but also the CNB 88 and very soon a CNB 6X! Many thanks go to all participants, see you in 2024, a special year that coincides with the 50th anniversary of Solaris Yachts.

The organization of the Rendez-Vous was possible thanks to the cooperation of the Punta Ala Yacht Club and the Punta Ala Marina.

(CNB RENDEZ-VOUS 2023 – – July 2023)