CMC Marine brings stabiliser fins to the Palm Beach show

CMC Marine at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, 24-27 March, showcases Waveless’ Stabilis Electra HS60 and STAB 25 stabiliser fins for boats over 12m

CMC Marine, which was the first to introduce and patent an electrically actuated stabiliser fin system, is also attending the Palm Beach International Boat Show. The U.S. boating industry in particular is booming, with 16 million units on the road and the accessories and aftermarket sector worth nearly $9 billion according to 2021 NMMA, National Marine Manufacturers Association data.

Above, the STAB 25 stabiliser fin; alongside, the Stabilis Electra HS60.

The two products chosen are an example of the Tuscan company’s diverse offering, which designs, manufactures and markets stabilisation systems for a wide range of yachts that are characterised by ease of installation, compactness and adaptability to both new build and refit yachts.

Two of the Tuscan company’s flagship models will be on display at the American show: an HS60 stabiliser, representing the Stabilis Electra line, optimised for fast boats and electronics that reduce bulk, weight and increase performance, and a STAB 25, from the Waveless line of ultra-compact electric stabilisers, the CMC Marine division that offers stabilising fins and trims designed for boats from 12 metres in length.

“The Palm Beach boat show is one of the most important in the US and the last major overseas event of the season. Its popularity is growing every year, attracting more and more visitors, and for CMC Marine it has a special connection to this event because last year we made a sale during the show,” says Buddy Morgan, Sales Vice President of CMC Marine Corp USA.

The US market is one of the strongest for the Tuscan company, but it is not the only one experiencing a moment of growth: among the characteristics that have favoured CMC Marine’s expansion in various parts of the world is undoubtedly the availability and ability to adapt products to the characteristics and needs of the most diverse models.

(CMC Marine brings stabilizer fins to the Palm Beach show – – March 2022)