Caudwell Marine announces 300hp diesel outboard with integrated steering system

Caudwell Marine has announced that its new diesel 300hp outboard will be delivered in early 2024.

The Caudwell Marine team is confident that its first outboard product will exceed the demanding expectations of the market, which has been waiting for a reliable and durable diesel outboard solution for many years.  The Caudwell Marine diesel outboard is primarily aimed at the commercial and military markets which require their high-performance outboards to work, day-in and day-out, in all conditions. However, the team also expect to see opportunities in the recreational market, where fuel economy, performance and reliability are also a requirement.

The outboard features a marine proven, 300hp, V6 turbo charged high performance diesel engine and the full diesel outboard product is receiving its final validation and durability testing on boats in Lowestoft, UK.  In addition, hot environment testing will be taking place in Dubai. Caudwell Marine is keen to stress that launch to market will only come once the final round of validation and durability testing is completed, building on the many thousands of hours the team at Caudwell has already achieved with its product testing over the last two years.

Peter Ordway, Commercial Director at Caudwell Marine says: “We know that the market is desperate for a solid and reliable diesel outboard, which delivers the highest level of performance. We are completing our programme of very challenging product testing, so that we are sure to deliver a market ready product that will perform ‘out of the box’, succeeding where others have failed.”

Beyond the ultra-reliable diesel engine, Caudwell Marine’s product features a patented integrated steering system known as an ‘Axis Drive’. This highly ingenious solution articulates steering from the lower unit only, with the powerhead and upper leg section remaining stationary in the turn. The engineering ensures the propellers are always effectively deployed to deliver full power throughout the turn.

Caudwell Marine was created to bring extraordinary technology to the marine market. With the intention of elevating outboard boating systems to a new level, it’s combined outstanding performance and reliability to deliver industry leading durability and a first-class ownership experience.

With a growing team, based in the UK, and the drive and backing of billionaire entrepreneur, John Caudwell, the business is perfectly placed to deliver on innovation, fantastic new products and the reassurance of superb technical support during a lifetime of ownership.

(Caudwell Marine announces 300hp diesel outboard with integrated steering system – – May 2023)