Castoldi launches waterjet for large vessels

Castoldi has launched the new Turbodrive 600 H.C.T. waterjet which is set to revolutionise the market for large vessels

The largest waterjet in Catsoldi’s range to date, the Turbodrive 600 H.C.T. is equipped (like the other models of the range) with an integrated gearbox (certified for heavy-duty ratings), with a hydraulic clutch, that with its numerous gear ratios allows a fine match with any engine on the market.

“Our aim is to supply to the customer with not only the waterjet but a complete package that incorporates the propulsion with integrated gearbox and clutch, a dedicated control system to manage also the engine and eventually the interceptor integration, directly installed on the waterjet unit. We design and supply also the matching kit to the engine according to the customer’s requirements,” says Giacomo Castoldi.

“From a technical point of view, especially on large vessels, our integrated gearbox represents a unique advantage that allows creating compact installations with considerable savings on space, weight, and cost,” says Giacomo Castoldi.

An innovative high-efficiency propulsion system 

Castoldi employed the most advanced CAD and CFD software with the aim to create an easy-to-install propulsion system that allows compact applications, considerable savings in dimension, weight and cost.

The steering and reversing actuators have been designed to manage the high forces involved with one hydraulic cylinder dedicated to the steering nozzle and two hydraulic cylinders controlling the movement of the reversing bucket to allow rapid and efficient crash-stops in every operating condition.

The waterjet is made with a Duplex micro-cast stainless steel impeller and titanium liner. It has been toughened using an anti-corrosion hard anodising treatment protecting the aluminium alloy components and cathodic protection by sacrificial anodes.

The Turbodrive 600 H.C.T. is controlled by the ACES electronic system that can be supplied with several extra features such as position keeping, smart anchor, unmanned interface, autopilot integration and hybrid power.

(Castoldi launches waterjet for large vessels – – May 2022)