Cantiere delle Marche opens the Pre-Owned Sales Department

Cantiere delle Marche inaugurated its pre-owned sales department. The service will offer customers a complete and 360° infrastructure that accompany them in all phases and aspects related to the purchase, construction, and ownership of a yacht.

Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director explains the decision of setting up this Department as follows: “As we have many repeat clients (who amount to almost 25% of the owners of already delivered vessels), we have decided to offer them an extra service tailored to meet their needs: the CdM’s Pre-Owned Sales Department which works as an intermediate to find a new Owner who takes over a yacht of CdM Fleet with the same passion and enthusiasm of its first Owner”.

cantiere delle marche nauta-air-

Nauta Air


The service, therefore, aims to help regular customers as much as new ones and is already at work: four Owners have already succeeded in selling their yachts. This was the case of a Nauta 86, a Darwin 86, a Darwin 96 and a Darwin 102. All of them were sold in a short time (two yachts in two months, one in 8 and one in 10) and with limited depreciation.

Cantiere delle Marche will assist the new Owner during the yacht assessment putting with a dedicated project manager to discuss technical issues, upgrades, and modifications.  The interior design department of the shipyard will be available to discuss how to change or modify the yacht’s interiors. The sales team will then support the buyer during the hand over process in all bureaucratic and administrative procedures.  CdM Pre-Owned sales department will take charge only of vessels built by the shipyard.

Carlo Aquilanti, Sales Manager, in charge of the Pre-owned Department, stated: “We are not brokers and we don’t want to be considered as such. We work in close cooperation with the worldwide brokerage community and we are very happy to support them in case one of their clients is looking for a boat with the specifications of the like of Cantiere delle Marche”.