Cala del Forte, full speed transfers with Monaco One

After the launch in La Rochelle, France, Monaco Ports’ High-Speed Shuttle will operate on the Monaco-Cala del Forte-Monaco route.

The A2V High Speed Shuttle is a state-of-the-art 12-meter long motor catamaran. Designed and built by Advanced Aerodynamic Vessel in La Rochelle, France, it accommodates up to 12 passengers and, thanks to an innovative aerodynamic design, halves fuel consumption while cruising at a speed of over 40 knots.

High Speed Shuttle Monaco One

At the end of the sea trials currently underway, Monaco One will be transferred by cargo to Monaco. The arrival in the Principality is scheduled for the second half of February.

The vessel will then be officially handed over to the Ports of Monaco. Once the formalities have been completed and after the official launch, Monaco One will enter service on the Monaco-Cala del Forte-Monaco route. Customers of the two ports, Cala del Forte – Ventimiglia and Monaco, will thus be able to travel in just 15 minutes from one destination to the other.

Monaco One

Monaco One (photo courtesy: A2V)

(Cala del Forte, transfers at full speed with Monaco One – – January 2021)