Boucheron Serpent Bohème Solarité, act of love

His collection never ceases to renew itself. The serpent of the parisian house has been changing its skin for more than 50 years, but without ever changing its essence

by Barbara Borgonovo

Launched in 1968, the Serpent Bohème collection has made its mark as one of the iconic pieces by Maison Boucheron. The love story with the emblematic serpent began in 1888, when Frédéric Boucheron, founder of the Maison, gave his wife Gabrielle a superb collier representing a serpent on the eve before he departed on a long trip. As a symbol of the love that bound him to his partner, this jewel had the aim of protecting her during his absence.

This necklace with a diamond-studded drop motif encircled with gold finish emanates light and glows with the emblematic codes of Serpent Bohème.

From that moment on, the serpent became the emblem of Maison Boucheron, expressing a message of love, faithfulness and joy, an authentic talisman of the couple. Its emblematic codes, the diamond-studded droplet and its honeycomb latticework are testaments to the high jewellery skills of Boucheron artisans. In 2022, the Serpent Bohème collection begins a new chapter reinterpreting the codes of the iconic collection with a new identity, Solarité.

The new Serpent Bohème Solarité collier creates a glowing halo around the neck. this jewel will shed the perfect light on the classic “little black dress”.

Designed in Maison’s creative studio, the new Serpent Bohème Solarité is bold and bright. The ambassador of Maison Boucheron, Alexa Chung, perfectly encapsulates the glow of this campaign with her radiant personality for a new line full of style.

(Boucheron Serpent Bohème Solarité, act of love – – January 2023)