Benetti Yachtmaster 2024: focus on lifestyle, sustainability and the role of the captain on board

The Benetti Yachtmaster 2024, held February 21-23 in Budapest, saw an extraordinary turnout of more than 300 participants from around the world, including captains, shipowner representatives, surveyors, hostesses, and industry professionals.

The event was held in an atmosphere of great enthusiasm and involvement, with intensive working sessions and informal networking moments that allowed industry experts to share their experiences and visions for the future of luxury yachting.

Lifestyle and Design: a new paradigm for luxury yachting

Purchasing a yacht today represents a lifestyle statement for owners. This translates on board to more informal and convivial use of spaces, which are harmoniously integrated with their surroundings through the innovative architectural solutions of Benetti’s Voyager Yachts. The shipyard also highlighted the growing interest in yachts suitable for adventure, emphasizing how the relationship between owner and crew plays a key role in the onboard experience.

In this context, the role of the captain and crew becomes crucial. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the yacht, they are responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere and ensuring impeccable service to guests. The ability to understand and meet the needs of owners is essential to ensuring an unforgettable on-board experience.

Benetti Yachtmaster 2024

The role of the captain

Azimut|Benetti Group CEO Marco Valle opened the event by emphasizing the importance of the captain’s role in establishing a relationship of trust and cooperation with the shipyard. The focus was on the personalization of services offered to owners and the constant assistance guaranteed, with the introduction of a dedicated service manager for each Benetti yacht.

During the Yachtmaster, workshops and interactive sessions were held to explore the role of the captain in the owner’s experience. They discussed how the captain can actively contribute to the design and construction of the yacht, providing valuable feedback and suggestions to the shipyard.

The evolving concept of luxury on board

Sebastiano Fanizza, Benetti’s Chief Commercial Officer, and Alessia Farci, Customer Experience Manager, highlighted the evolving concept of luxury on board, which is increasingly personalized and integrated with its surroundings. The role of the captain in understanding the owner’s needs throughout the yacht design and construction process was also explored.

Modern yacht owners are not just looking for a luxury mode of transportation, but rather a tailored experience that reflects their tastes and interests. Benetti Shipyard is committed to meeting these needs through a customer-focused approach that puts the owner’s experience at the center.

Sustainability and innovation following the green path

During the Yachtmaster, ample space was devoted to technological innovation and environmental sustainability. Anders Kurtén, CEO of Fraser, discussed the new demands of shipowners in terms of wellness spaces on board and highly specialized crews. Benetti’s green path was then presented, focusing on the introduction of innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact, such as the use of alternative biofuels and energy-saving systems.

Environmental sustainability has become a central theme in the marine industry, with more and more shipowners seeking eco-friendly solutions to reduce the impact of their activities on the planet. The Benetti shipyard is committed to developing increasingly energy-efficient yachts and using eco-friendly materials and technologies in their construction.

Education and Networking

The second day of the event was dedicated to education and networking, with workshops on leadership and management of shipboard operations. Guests had the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions and share their experiences with colleagues and industry professionals.

Benetti’s Yachtmaster will be repeated in Key West on February 28 and 29, confirming its great success overseas.

(Benetti Yachtmaster 2024: focus on lifestyle, sustainability and the role of the captain on board – – February 2024)