Bénéteau Oceanis, two new models on the way

Cruising first: Bénéteau has announced the launch of the new Oceanis Yacht 54 and Oceanis 40.1. One is 17 meters long, the other 12 meters, both are perfect holiday “machines”.

Last year was marked by the arrival of the new First 53, a pure fast-cruiser. Now everything at Bénéteau is ready for the launch of another seventeen meters, also signed by the couple Biscontini and Argento, but this time there is cruising in the sights. What sets the Oceanis Yacht 54 apart (in the opening photo) is first and foremost the new cockpit design.

This is not only at the heart of the project, it occupies 30% of the deck area, but also features a special layout that makes it very easy to circulate on board, with the side decks “draining” directly towards the stern, unimpeded and well protected on the sides by awnings and candlesticks. In addition, as it must be for a real cruise vessel everything is very easy to manage, with the maneuvers sent back near the double wheelhouse and the mainsail sheet which, far from impeding life on board, is sent back to the roll-bar.

Oceanis yacht 54

There are two configurations for the rig, with the furling mainsail or a classic aluminum mast, taller than one meter and 80 centimeters. In the second case, upwind, 25 square meters of sail to be pulled upwind and with the asymmetrical, another 50 are added to the mainsail. Aft, with access from the folding transom, a 2.4-meter tender can be stored. For the interiors, there are two layouts, both with three cabins and with the owner in the bow, with the possibility to choose between two or three heads. There are also two layouts available, in light oak or in a more traditional walnut.


The other new addition to the Oceanis range is the 40.1 (photo above), the result of the collaboration between Marc Lombard and Nauta, who worked on the interior and deck design. Following the renewal of the entire range launched in 2017 with the Oceanis 51.1, it is now available with a wide selection of customizations.

In fact, you can choose between two different keels (2.17 or 1.68 meters draft), two rigs, standard or performance (the first with furling mainsail) and four layouts for the interior, with two, three or four cabins. At the stern, the mirror tilts (optional electric handling) and becomes a large dashboard just a few centimeters from the sea.

Bénéteau Oceanis Yacht 54

LOA 17.16 meters
Hull length 15.98 meters
Waterline length 15.40 meters
Maximum beam 5.0 meters
Light displacement 16,600 kg
Ballast 4,550 kg
Draught standard version 2.5 meters
Naval architecture Roberto Biscontini
Design Lorenzo Argento
Certification CE A/10

Bénéteau Oceanis 40.1
LOA 12.87 meters
Hull length 11.99 meters
Waterline length 11.70 meters
Maximum beam 4.18 meters
Light displacement 8,180 kg
Ballast 2,007 kg
Draught standard version 2.17 meters
Naval architecture Marc Lombard
Nauta Design
Certification CE A/10

(Bénéteau Oceanis, two more models coming soon – Barchemagazine.com – February 2020)