Baltic 111 Raven, traveling at nearly 30 knots in tests in Finland

The first sailing trials of the Baltic 111 Raven confirm the performance of the 34-meter sloop. The superlight sloop demonstrated impressive reliability and reached speeds close to 30 knots. The 10-day sailing took place off Baltic Yachts‘ headquarters in Jakobstad, Finland.

The superyacht will be delivered to her owner in October. It is the first sailing yacht of its size and type to use hydrofoils mounted on adjustable side booms.

baltic 111 raven

Baltic Yachts undertook an exhaustive weight reduction program to ensure that Raven’s displacement met the target, a critical factor in the project’s success. The vessel is fully outfitted with advanced carbon composite components, and the yacht’s structure is incorporated into the accommodations, resulting in an extraordinary example of interior design.

Performance that lives up to expectations

Henry Hawkins, executive vice president of Baltic Yachts, said, “Raven’s performance to date has lived up to expectations, and clearly there is more to come. We are very pleased with the result of a very effective collaboration between the foil team, rig suppliers, sailmakers, structural engineers, and Baltic’s construction team in bringing this complex project to fruition. The trials so far have been very promising and successful, but this is only the first step.”

baltic 111 raven

Raven sails with a full mainsail and a three-headed sail plan that includes a Code sail off the bowsprit, a jib, and a staysail, allowing her to take advantage of her foiling capability. The boat is designed to sail on the lee, with the stern foil supporting much of the displacement. The transom remains submerged and is equipped with flaps that can be used to change fore and aft trim.

Photos show Raven sailing in moderate wind and sea conditions at a speed of about 20 miles. With initial sailing trials in Finland virtually complete, the yacht will be prepared for transfer to a location that will provide conditions to take testing, training and performance development to another level.

Raven’s sailing team is managed by Klabbe Nylöf, with experienced offshore sailor Damien Durchon leading the yacht. The team has assembled a group of sailors with high-performance sailing experience to call upon, supported by a technical team ashore that manages Raven’s ongoing development.

(Baltic 111 Raven, traveling at nearly 30 knots in tests in Finland – – September 2023)