Azimut 78 Fly, dynamic forms

With an overall length of 23.64 metres, this boat can reach a maximum speed of 33 knots thanks to three Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines

by Angelo Colombo

THE AZIMUT 78 FLY IS UNDOUBTEDLY PART OF THE CARBON TECH GENERATION, with the flybridge, roll-bar, hardtop, some of the deck and the stern door all made from carbon fibre. It is a modern boat that exudes dynamism, with a style that takes inspiration from car design and the work of futurist sculptor Umberto Boccioni. Futurism, an artistic and cultural movement that introduced concepts like simultaneity and interpenetration of planes to modern architecture, also provides a great deal of inspiration for the exterior design of this yacht by Alberto Mancini, who has become known for the way he unites different worlds in his work.

Azimut 78 Fly

The interiors, designed by Achille Salvagni, are available in two different versions. The lounge is painted blue, paired with light hues.

Azimut 78 Fly
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, Umberto Boccioni 
The living area does not distinguish between sitting and dining spaces – it has been furnished as a single, highly stylish environment, with plenty of space to move between two comfortable and welcoming sitting areas. The table in front of the sofa can be raised if required.

The Trieste-based designer says he was particularly struck by Boccioni’s work Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, a revolutionary sculpture that rejected the canons of classical art in its alternating hollows and bulges and solids and voids, giving an overall impression of movement. Mancini wanted to instil the same sort of dynamism in the shape of the 78 Fly, providing the feeling of movement even when the object is still. Sculptural tension permeates the entire boat, from bow to stern and from sea to sky. The use of modular moulds allowed the designer to seek out new forms, beginning with the hull, which playfully combines ribbing and indentations and dark and light colours to give the walls a sense of determination and character. The seemingly endless lines taper at the bow, becoming an incision that pushes forwards to the very end, pointing towards the horizon.

But the 78 Fly does not just express supreme dynamism in its forms: it also offers excellent performance, thanks to its three 1,000 hp Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines. The efficiency of the transmission combined with a well-designed hull and carefully managed weight ensure the 78-foot boat’s fuel consumption remains modest. The maximum speed is 33 knots, while the cruising speed is around 27 knots, burning 395 litres/hour.

Azimut 78 Fly
Azimut 78 Fly

The manoeuvrability at the helm is incredible, thanks to a honed management system and the work of the IPS engines, which are controlled independently by an algorithm that prevents haphazard performance or excessive power, even at the highest speeds. The hull does a good job of absorbing the wake waves we encounter, and retains its efficiency even on extremely tight turns, losing little speed and quickly regaining revs upon exiting.

Despite the yacht’s imposing size we instantly feel at ease at the helm: manoeuvring is simple, and the hull never does anything unexpected, both at slow speeds, where steering using the joystick system is intuitive and – most importantly – very effective, even in tight spaces, and at a faster pace, where the efficiency of the thrust provided by the IPS engines ensures full control at all times. Visibility from the flybridge and the indoor control panel is excellent. Adopting this new transmission system has undoubtedly made all the difference, as our test confirms. You can appreciate the job Azimut has done on this yacht in countless details, both in the stylish furnishings and the structure itself, which uses technology designed to reduce weight, vibration and noise to a minimum.

Azimut 78 Fly

The lower deck has three guest cabins – two VIP and one twin – all with en-suite bathrooms. The full-beam master suite is at the centre of the boat.

The interiors are brightly lit throughout thanks to large windows in the hull and superstructure, and the rooms are spacious, benefitting from the use of carbon fibre, which keeps weight down without having to compromise on space.

Azimut 78 Fly
Azimut Yachts offers four different options for the flybridge. The space can be furnished with a large sunbed, a spacious jacuzzi, a comfy sitting area or a sunbathing area with a mobile BBQ.

The boat has CE Cat A and NMMA certification for boats under 24 metres long and comes with a High Technical Standard (HTS) declaration from the shipyard. Besides, numerous technologies from Azimut’s Enhanced Cruising Solutions programme have been adopted: the Garmin integrated control and monitoring system, customised to enable use by a large number of on-board users; temperature synchronisation throughout the boat; an electronic steering gear; a joystick piloting system and Volvo Penta active trim control, which automatically adjusts the vessel’s longitudinal trim and ensures optimum fuel efficiency at all speeds.

Azimut 78 Fly

The 78 is the first yacht in the Flybridge collection to feature a triple Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system.

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I-10051 Avigliana (TO)
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PROJECT: Achille Salvagni Architetti (interiors) Alberto Mancini (exteriors) Azimut Yachts (naval architecture)

HULL: LOA 23.64m Maximum beam 5.75m Draft 1.77m Light mass displacement 56,000 kg Full mass displacement 62,000 kg Fuel tank volume 5,000 l Water tank volume 1,100 l

MAIN PROPULSION: 3 Volvo Penta D13-IPS 1350 Outlet mechanical power 2,239 kW (3,000 hp) Number of cylinders 6 Bore & Stroke 131mm x 158mm Total swept volume 12,8 l Maximal rotational speed 3000/min Weight 2,458 kg


PRICE: 3,150,000 Excl.VAT, with 3xVolvo IPS 1200 and ECS package, Ex yard 3,240,000 Excl.VAT, with 3xVolvo IPS 1350 and ECS package, Ex yard (April 2021)

(Azimut 78 Fly, dynamic forms – – April 2021)