Axopar 22 Revolve, dry and happy

Easy, manoeuvrable, fast and dry. The hull of Axopar’s new 22’ is all about carefree fun

by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello

THEY’VE EARNED THEIR FAME ON THE WATER. The hulls designed by Jarkko Jämsén handle well. They’re small, sporty and quick. The combination of these features has ensured that Axopar’s models soon imposed themselves on the market, quickly winning over the Mediterranean coasts from the cold waters of Finland.

We were able to test the newest arrival – the 22 Revolve – in the Gulf of La Spezia. The conditions weren’t quite like those of the seas in the North, but they weren’t far off.  In addition to the temperature that wasn’t exactly springlike, the waves inside the dam were at least a metre high. Outside they rose to between 1.5 and almost 2 metres. The wind was strong and the anemometer showed more than 20 knots. These were challenging conditions for a hull measuring just over 7 metres long, with a beam of just over 2 metres. A 200-hp Mercury V6 was fitted to the stern, the highest available engine power. The previous models I’d had the opportunity to test had always given me a positive surprise, but I have to say that this time I’d set out expecting to get soaked.

Having just left Porto Lotti, we begin to sink the throttle towards Portovenere, to have a three-quarter wave. The hull has two steps and their presence is noticeable. At a speed of just over 20 knots, the boat keeps perfect trim. Neither sitting on the stern, nor off-balance in the bow, it also proves to be highly manoeuvrable.

Axopar 22 Revolve

Sailing at 20, 30 or 40 knots and always consuming just 1 litre per mile. This is a sign of a balanced hull, always able to give its best performance.

It’s a hull that needs you to put your foot down a bit to steer it perfectly. It’s not that it can’t be handled at slower speeds, but from 20 knots upwards, it can be steered as if you were using a gaming console. It changes direction without tilting too much, but also without too much stiffness. You can’t even feel the evolutionary effect of the propeller. There’s only one off-board engine, but the turning angle is almost identical on both the port and starboard sides.

Clutter-free and clean design, with the option of adding seating, sun loungers, tow hooks for water skiing, storage compartments and much more.

The V of the bow is deep and the deadrise angle is a good 20°. The waves, which are easily over a metre high, don’t undermine this 22’ hull in any way. I push the throttle right down to see how it reacts at faster speeds. Not only does it always manage to plough through the sea, but its agility, manoeuvrability and simultaneous stability are truly surprising. They’re amazing because we’re in a 7-metre hull and the sea is decidedly rough. Moreover, it’s stable despite its limited beam. The stern is always well anchored to the surface of the water, even during tight and sudden turns. There are never any issues. It is also perfect for non-expert sailors. In the end, after it has passed all the sailing tests, I try to find out whether it at least suffers from splashes.

Beyond the Palmaria there’s not only a rough sea but also a strong wind over 20 knots. It’s practically impossible to think we might keep dry. And yet, despite my efforts to the contrary, not even a drop of water reaches the deck. The windscreen, which is not particularly large, also remains dry. In short, the deck is dry not because it is shielded by anything, but precisely because of the waterlines that drive the wake outwards and because of the fender profile that prevents the splashes from coming on board. This means we can just concentrate on having fun, on the pleasure of sailing.

Axopar 22 Revolve

Another characteristic of the hull that I feel I should mention is its fuel consumption.  When looking through the figures in the table I realise that it’s practically always the same, from idle with the gear engaged through to the top speed. Its regularity is impressive. It goes from 1 to 1.5 litres per mile. This is very low consumption and the fact that it is practically the same at any speed means that the hull is very well balanced. It can perform at its best in displacement, planning and medium and high revs. The layout of the deck stays true to the philosophy of the boat in a certain sense. It is all about fun, free from clutter and can be fitted out to suit your tastes. Axopar 22 Revolve is perfect for water skiing, wakeboarding and water toys, but also as a tender or day boat. The owner will be able to decide what to have onboard and how many accessories to add.

Axopar 22 Revolve
Excellent performances in terms of stability and manoeuvrability. The Axopar 22 Revolve is also very fast. We exceeded 42 knots at just under 5500 revs.

Engine data
A single-engine, which helps keep the costs down. The 200 hp we have on the stern is the most powerful engine that can be fitted.

Helsinki, Finlandia

Corte Lotti Marine
Viale San Bartolomeo, 394 – Porto Lotti
I-19126 La Spezia
T. +39 0187 532204
[email protected]

PROJECT: Jarkko Jämsén and Axopar technical department

HULL: LOA 7.20m Maximum beam 2.23m Draft 0.80m Light mass displacement 1,200 kg Fuel tank volume 230 l Maximum rated power 200 hp

MAIN PROPULSION: Mercury 200 V6 Outlet mechanical power 149 kW (200 hp) 6 V-shaped cylinders Swept volume 3.4 l Compression ratio 1.85:1 Dry weight 216 kg


PRICE: 69,560 powered with 1 Mercury engine of 200 hp (August 2021)

(Axopar 22 Revolve, dry and happy – – August 2021)