Austin Parker Ibiza 85, open mind

Quick and comfortable, sporty and elegant. The yard’s flagship is big enough to be all these things at once

by Niccolò Volpati – photo by A&B Photodesign

«cockpit of at least 18 m2 was the only instruction I gave Fulvio», says Gianni Gravagno, CEO of Austin Parker. Fulvio is, obviously, Fulvio De Simoni. What can be said about him that hasn’t already been said? A man with thousands of hulls to his name? Perhaps we could say a few words about the relationship that ties Gravagno to De Simoni, although this wouldn’t be very original. When stepping aboard the Ibiza 85, we have the sensation that this flagship has two “fathers”, each with their role, and each equally important. They get on particularly well. They share the tasks between them, they respect and esteem one another, and this is why their partnership reaps its due rewards. The Ibiza 85 is the biggest ever made by Austin Parker and so a little apprehension would be more than justified. De Simoni has always told me that it’s more difficult to make small boats than big boats.

The first characteristic that strikes me when we’ve just left Livorno harbour is the absence of vibrations. The sea is calm, but vibrations aren’t caused by waves. The engine room houses two MAN 2,000-hp engines with Arneson number 15 surface drives, and you can’t hear a thing. I look for vibrations in the master cabin, which is right next to the engines, the generators and all the equipment in the engine room, but nothing. I rest on one of the many tables, large and small, dotted around the master cabin, dinette and cockpit to take notes. We’re sailing at a sustained speed, but I manage to write on my notepad without any squiggles, just as if I was working at an office table. This can be attributed to the design, but also the build quality. De Simoni and Gravagno are equally responsible.

Always stable and easy despite its size, speed and engine type. Excellent visibility from the pilot’s position too.


The overall length is 28 metres, the beam is seven metres and it has a displacement of 58 tonnes. We reached a top speed of 40 knots, but just 15 knots are needed for planning. There is a cruising range of up to 25 knots, depending on the requirements. Consumption during cruising varies from a minimum of approx. 250 litres/hour in total to almost 800. Something to suit all tastes. In terms of litres per mile, it goes from 15 to 20, which is a fairly limited variation, especially if we consider the dimensions. Its lines are sleek and sporty and it has the appearance of a very open boat.

The dinette is surrounded by windows and the division with the cockpit disappears. The glass descends between the cabinets and the doors open outwards and locks onto the fibreglass structure. Substantially speaking, there’s no boundary or obstacle between the two spaces. As expressly requested by the owner, the dinette houses a large number of chairs, and this is also the case around the folding tables, including the ones in the cockpit. This means that whatever dining table is chosen, at least a dozen guests will be able to sit around it.

Cinque cabine, cinque bagni e tre posti per l’equipaggio. La lunghezza dello scafo è di circa 28 metri e i volumi non mancano, ma per ottenere questo risultato niente è stato sprecato.

There are four seats on the bridge for the pilot and co-pilot: all of them are snug and comfortable even at a speed of 40 knots. And the visibility from the pilot’s position is always optimal. The deck layout is completed with the bow area containing eight seats on the sundeck and a living area with a U-shaped sofa and coffee table. There are another three seats on the stern sundeck directly overlooking the swimming platform. There are very few steps and changes in level, meaning that you can walk around easily and unobstructed. The only steps lead from the aft area to the cockpit and then there are no more until the far end of the bow.


Under deck, there are five cabins with five bathrooms and the galley in a separate space. The sleeping quarters are very spacious, making good use of the volumes. The ceiling height is always well over two metres. The master cabin is in the stern and occupies the full beam. The bathroom is located on the left side of the room, allowing it to be very spacious. Between the centre of the boat and the stern area, there are two double cabins and two twin cabins with parallel beds. The yacht can accommodate a total of ten guests, all with their en suite bathroom and more than enough space not to suffer from claustrophobia, even if the cruise lasts several weeks.

The same treatment is reserved for the crew area, which has a separate space at the far end of the bow. There are plenty of handrails below deck too. There is always a piece of steel to grip onto, not just when you’re on deck or the side decks. Those behind the design and construction of this boat know that it is essential to move safely during sailing, both when outside and when in the sleeping quarters. The quality of the materials and finishes is apparent at first sight and the sensation is one of a simple yet always elegant design. The philosophy of the boat as a whole can be summed up as follows: “Simple, sporty and elegant at the same time”.

Engine room
Four thousand hp to reach speeds of 40 knots. Two MAN 2,000 hp engines and Arneson N°15 surface drives.

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Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design

LOA 28.00m • Maximum beam 7.00m • Full mass displacement 58,000 kg • Fuel tank volume 6,000 l • Water tank volume 1,500 l 

2xMan V12-2000 • Outlet mechanical power 1,464 kW (2,000 hp) • 12 in-line cylinders • Swept volume 24 l • Bore&Stroke 128mm x 157mm • Maximal rotational speed 2300/min • Dry weight 2,380 kg 


6,550.000 €, Excl. VAT (December 2022)

(Austin Parker Ibiza 85, open mind – – December 2022)