Aspiring to perfection or excellence, the editorial by Franco Michienzi

Luna Rossa represents the best side of a coin that sees the excellence of the Italian yachting industry and the passion of an enlightened entrepreneur like Patrizio Bertelli on one side, while on the other side is a country unable to make the breakthrough it deserves

by Francesco Michienzi

PERFECTION IS A TENDENCY TO ALWAYS ASPIRE TO THE BEST, in every field in which you play a leading role. The craze for perfectionism very often originates in the highly competitive context you find yourself working in. For example, in the case of the America’s Cup, competitiveness is at the highest imaginable level. In a challenge of this type, the level of perfection reached has to be absolute. There is no doubt that the winner is the best, and for the first time, an Italian team came close to the final victory.

Fortunately, perfection is not the only alternative to mediocrity. There is also excellence. Fighting for excellence is stimulating and more profitable while fighting for perfection is neurotic and futile. The Luna Rossa team, who are excellent from every point of view, represented the best of Italy, the Italy that sweats and works hard, the Italy of ingenious ideas, the Italy able to field high-tech projects. It is no coincidence that we are one of the few countries in the world to develop space programs on a par with world superpowers.

Luna Rossa is the result of a multitude of engineering and construction skills that place our industry on a level of world-class excellence. The hull was built in the Persico Marine yards in Nembro, in the province of Bergamo, where the fittings and rudders were also made, with the contribution of Legnano-based Eligio Re Fraschini. Much of the deck equipment is by Harken, an American firm that also has an Italian branch where it manufactures winches and captives. The sails were made in the North Sails plant in Carasco, Genoa. The foils bear the hallmark of Angelo Glisoni, which is based in Iseo, while Pirelli also contributed with many components. The hydraulics are by Cariboni based in Ronco Briantino, in the province of Monza and Brianza, the ropes are from Novara-based Gottifredi Maffioli and the life jackets are from Dainese, made in Colceresa.

«For man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but, when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all». Aristotele

The other side of the coin represents a parallel world – a sloppy Italy, built upon wiliness and shortcuts, where merit is less important than a good word, where justice is not the same for everyone, where incompetence prevails over technical expertise, and where a mediocre political class exerts its power with great cynicism to the detriment of those who work hard and make sacrifices to achieve results of which we can all be proud. Fortunately, part of the country is highly competitive within international scenarios, as in the case of firms in the yachting industry and companies working in the mechanical and pharmaceutical sectors. Where there is competition and a market, we see the development of expertise, investment in quality people, research, and internationalization. But success is also about an ethical way of doing business.

In 2019, Brunello Cucinelli met a group of major entrepreneurs – the leaders of Silicon Valley – in Solomeo. The guests included Jeff Bezos, founder, chair, and CEO of Amazon, Ruzwana Bashir of, Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter, and Reid Hoffman, co-found and chair of LinkedIn. Three days of full immersion in the soul, in the future of humanity, and in what can be done for humankind, as well as generating a profit for their companies. The only condition for the meeting was that they had to turn their phones off. «Let’s allow ourselves to be illuminated by the stars», Cucinelli said to them. «We’ve been walking with our heads down for too long». And they answered: «Very well Brunello. Talk to us about humanism». And so it was.

Brunello Cucinelli says that he’s rather concerned about humanity’s soul-sickness and preaches the importance of a spiritual reawakening for the third millennium. Because, with all this technology, you have to be real to be credible. Cucinelli is a man who has based his entire business on profound inner ethics that have helped him achieve excellent results that have been universally acknowledged.

(Aspiring to perfection or excellence – – May 2021)