Apreamare Gozzo 35, Navigar m’è dolce

We went to Sorrento to test Apreamare’s Gozzo 35, reaching speeds of up to 38 knots

by Angelo Colombo – photo by Francesco Rastrelli

The development of this project was entrusted to Umberto Tagliavini’s Marine Design studio, which has been responsible for most of Apreamare’s hulls to date, in partnership with Marco Casali’s Too Design studio responsible for the general design. The two designers naturally worked together and with the yard to create what can be described as a cutting-edge Gozzo.


The traditional shapes give this boat a timeless appeal with a single-level deck and generous spaces. The beam is 3.70 m, tapering gently towards the bow, while the toerail joins at the stern in the classic round shape. On the other hand, the hull benefits from the almost straight bow which allows the entire length of the hull to be exploited, facilitating displacement sailing and providing excellent stability. The hull has been developed specifically for displacement sailing, like on a classic gozzo from Sorrento, but it is also capable of planning up to a top speed of 38 knots, as in the version we tested with two Volvo Penta 370 hp engines and EFB DP transmissions.

The deck offers a three-seater aft sundeck, an L-shaped sofa on the left with a folding dining table, an outdoor galley complete with induction hob, refrigerator, sink, a bridge with a folding base that can comfortably seat three people, and, lastly, a forward sundeck and a forward-facing two-seater sofa at the end of it. There are walkways from the stern to the bow on both sides, from the main area to the mooring station. They are safe thanks to the presence of solid wood toerails at the right height and width. At the stern, the straight side of the natural teak decking is left free for easy access to the large aft bridge, further extending the usability of this boat, which is very well thought-out both in terms of construction and in the choice of fittings and materials. The interiors reveal a careful selection of materials. The quality of Apreamare hulls is also apparent at sea.

Spacious deck set up to ensure the right degree of comfort for up to 12 people at all times. The deck surface is all on the same level so that moving around is comfortable and safe thanks also to the high, solid-wood toerail. From the T-Top, both the forward and aft areas can be protected from the sun with specially developed awnings and supports.

Upon stepping aboard, it is immediately apparent that the Gozzo 35 has a very high level of form stability, while the controls put you immediately at your ease, allowing you to steer in safety and comfort. The bridge benefits from visibility over the entire horizon thanks to the absence of obstacles, as the T-Top is supported towards the stern by a single pillar and towards the bow by two slimmer ones. The windscreen is well-dimensioned as well as designed to give a touch of modernity to the overall classicism. It offers effective protection at all speeds and, together with the T-Top, makes it possible to benefit from an excellent view of the instruments even in direct sunlight.

Comfortable interiors with a large double cabin in the bow and a well-equipped, spacious bathroom. Additional sleeping quarters for two adults are housed under the deck of the aft area and accessible by moving the descent ladder sideways on rails.

Two large Garmin monitors interfaced with Volvo Penta engines and equipped with GPS and maps provide quick access to all the information you might need while sailing. The Volvo Penta joystick is precisely calibrated, and using it to leave and re-enter the harbor makes every maneuver achievable by even novice owners. In the open sea, my desire to feel how the hull behaved was satisfied in full, thanks to a soft and not very high wave that allowed us to push hard on the throttles. What is evident during acceleration is the balance of this boat, it starts planning quickly, with a flat and clean wake, entering waves smoothly and without bumps.

Easy to steer even in narrow spaces, quick and responsive in the open sea.

Another element, which we were able to verify towards the end of our test with the wind having picked up in the meantime, is the total absence of splashes when turning tightly or taking the sea on the bow. With the two Volvo Penta 370 hp engines and the Duoprop transmissions, there is always plenty of thrusts and it is easy to reach 38 knots in just 30 seconds, but what we liked most was being able to sail at 29 knots in maximum comfort and with total consumption of 86 l/h or at 26 knots and 74 l/h, which is the economical cruising speed. The boat always behaves predictably, making it easy and safe to steer. Its noise levels are very contained and you can therefore speak at a normal volume even at sustained speed.

Via Terragneta, 72
I-80058 Torre Annunziata (NA)
T. 081 5378411
[email protected]

Marco Casali – Too Design (interiors and exteriors) • Umberto Tagliavini (naval engineering)

LOA 11,20m • Maximum beam 3,70m • Draft 0,90m • Light mass displacement 7.000 kg • Full mass displacement 9.000 kg • Fuel tank volume 700 l • Water tank volume 170 l

2 x Volvo Penta D6-370 • Outlet mechanical power 370 hp (272 kW) • Number of cylinders 6 • Bore & Stroke 103mm x 110mm • Swept volume 5.500 l • Compression ratio 17,5:1 • Maximal rotational speed 3500/min • Weight 677 kg 


310,000€, Excl.VAT – As standards • 380,000€, Excl.VAT – Full Opt. As tested (October 2022)

(Apreamare Gozzo 35, Navigar m’è dolce – Barchemagazine.com – October 2022)