Alinghi Red Bull Racing Takes to the Water for Match Race Training in Barcelona

After nine months of training in Barcelona with the AC75 BoatZero and then the first AC40, the Swiss challenger for the America’s Cup is shifting up a gear and into match race training mode on the Barcelona race course.

The team is the first to match race in Barcelona, gaining precious hours on the water and taking an important step towards the first pre-regatta in September which will be contested on board the AC40.

“The match race training that we have been doing for months on the simulator, we can finally apply to the water,” said helmsman Maxime Bachelin. “There will be a lot more pressure in the manoeuvres than when we’re sailing alone. We will no longer be able to choose the ideal moment to execute them, it will be the situation that decides. Personally, my objective is to work on communication with my teammates. You must be clear, precise and concise to carry out efficient and clean manoeuvres.”

With two AC40s on the water all members of the Driving Group will be able to sail at the same time, which is extra motivation for the sailors. “It won’t matter which crew members I’m on board with, the aim will always be to beat the other boat,” added Bryan Mettraux, trimmer. To help them maximise progress during this important next step on the pathway to the America’s Cup the crew will be able to count on the expertise of Sailing Team Advisors Pietro Sibello and Dean Barker, who have recently been joined by Phil Robertson and Jason Waterhouse.

“Our first day with the two AC40s on the water was a great success,” said trimmer Yves Detrey. “The dynamic of training with two boats will enable us to build more consistency within the crew and we will be able to train for the specific situations that we’ll encounter on the water this autumn during the pre-regattas. Match racing is a discipline that I really enjoy and that I’ve practised a lot in the past. It’s exciting, even though the rules have changed since the boats got foils.”

While the two AC40s are excellent training platforms ahead of the regattas, Alinghi Red Bull Racing’s focus remains on the AC75 and the testing that will progress the race boat.

(Alinghi Red Bull Racing Takes to the Water for Match Race Training in Barcelona – – June 2023)