Absolute’s Network, the old salts 

They are all experts, and veterans. Including those who have only recently started out as dealers have a long career in the nautical world behind them 

by Niccolò Volpati

The figures put it beyond a doubt. The company produces 14 models, which are divided into four lines: Sport Line, SpNavetta ort Yacht, ranging from 52 to 73 feet long and Flybridge, from the smallest at 40 feet to the largest at 72 feet long. The Navetta 48 with 3 cabins, two bathrooms and a sailor’s cabin in a hull measuring around 15 metres is expected to make its debut in September at the Cannes Boat Show. Absolute

Summer 2019 will also see the launch of the first Absolute 67, which will be powered by two D13 Volvos and have IPS transmission. Below decks there are four cabins, and a double cabin for the crew. It is a boat that has been designed for long cruises with hundreds of nautical miles of range and sufficient comfort to be able to stay on board, without setting foot on land, for a long time.

Comfort and performance are the two watchwords for the Podenzano-based yard, which every year produces around 80 boats. The ones already being made had already been sold before the Düsseldorf and Miami boat shows. What’s the secret? The brand counts for something, quality is fundamental, as is the ability to turn out so many boats, investing a great deal in research and development. But all that isn’t enough to explain Absolute’s success.

To reach these milestones you also need a sales network that is up to the task. And the dealerships spread out around Italy all have one feature in common: experience. They aren’t just improvised. Every one of them, even the ones that have only recently started up, have actually been in the business for a long time. They all know boats, and also Volvo engines. And given that the Absolute and Volvo pairing is one that can’t be split, it is vital that whoever handles the sale and post-sales service should also be skilled in engine assistance.

The Absolute dealerships aren’t just “old sea dogs” but also companies that know the market and their clients well. That is why they offer a package of services which goes far beyond simple sales. Absolute owners, if they want, can get answers to all their questions from these dealerships. That’s how you win new clients and encourage loyalty in existing ones.

AbsoluteAdriatic Wave
They recently extended the area where they work. They were already Absolute dealers for Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and North-East Italy and they are now also for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The owners, Gimmy Valente and Mario Cakar, have won awards for their sales and after-sales service. What’s the secret? «A touch of madness», explains Gimmy Valente. «The madness that makes us buy boats as stock to ensure that we have them ready for delivery». Adriatic Wave has actually already bought five new Absolute boats for 2019. Great market knowledge is needed as well as madness, however, level headedness and financial solidity. «We do that to avoid long waits», continues Valente «The yard has dramatically increased sales and so as not to leave our clients unhappy, we prefer to guarantee immediate delivery». Adriatic Wave is taking part in all the main European boat shows and amongst the services offered is technical and bureaucratic assistance for whichever part of the Adriatic it might find itself in.

Carlo Camedda
«The company has existed since 2010, but my father has been working in the sector for over 40 years», says Federico Camedda. The headquarters are at Torre Grande, but they work throughout Sardinia. As is the case for many dealers, Absolute and Volvo Penta are a winning combination. The yard has always fitted, Volvo’s IPS transmission, almost as if it were a factory brand, so it is a dealership which can also work on engines, and this is an additional guarantee for an owner. «Our clients see the same person always going on board, both for post-sales assistance for the boat, and technical work for the engines», explains Federico Camedda «and they find this reassuring». As well as sales and assistance, Carlo Camedda sells packages which include mooring, whether seasonal or annual. Most of the clients are from Northern Italy or abroad, and have chosen the Sardinia dealer because that is where they want to sail and keep their boat.

Ligur Nautica
«Do you want to know how many boats we sell a year?». As many as are needed, Antonio and Michele Spina answer snappily. They also have the ability to provide immediate delivery, because they have sufficient resources to buy the new models that Absolute markets every year in advance. Ligur Nautica has existed since 2006, with its headquarters inside the Marina at Varazze, and they work throughout Liguria. Their services aren’t restricted to sales and after-sales assistance, because they are also able to offer boat storage and mooring in Varazze harbour. They are completely satisfied by the effort and the investment that the yard is making: plenty of new models, which are always carefully designed and constructed. Is there something that Absolute hasn’t yet done, and which you would like to see in the future? «We would like to see a new Hard Top model, to add a more sporty boat to the range».

Nautica Fusaro
Founded in 1984, il deals in Campania, but – given that it is the southernmost dealership of all – it handles sales and assistance for the whole of southern Italy. Nautica Fusaro has got very extensive experience, as Giovanni Jacobsthal explains to us, because even before working with Absolute they were dealers for Gobbi. «We have always been sole agents», he explains, «and for a long time we were linked to the Podenzano yard and Angelo and Patrizia Gobbi’s family. Absolute makes boats that people like a lot». They offer 360-degree assistance. Both on boats and on Volvo Penta engines. Nautica Fusaro has also got a seasonal dealership, from 1st May to 30th October, for around fifty berths on the floating jetties in Baia. So clients who want to, can also use a mooring service for the summer.

Officine Nautica Italia
They are younger than the others, in that the company was created in 2017, but Germano Mariani’s experience in the sector goes back as long as 25 years. In the past he dealt with transfers, testing and also sales for other brands, both Italian and foreign. «Absolute’s boats are really reliable products», says Mariani, «and so it was a logical consequence of my long experience at sea. I could never have represented a brand that doesn’t provide suitable guarantees». The range includes Lazio and Tuscany, but brokerage work goes on throughout the Tyrrhenian coast. Company headquarters are at Nettuno and, a short distance away, so at Anzio, there is a yard with which Officine Nautica Italia works with both for boat storage and for Volvo Penta motor assistance.

(Absolute’s Network, the old salts – Barchemagazine.com – May 2018)