Absolute Navetta 64: the sea trial video

One step at a time, Absolute is expanding, model after model, its collection of Navettas. The latest addition, the Navetta 64, best represents the design principles of this range, starting from the amount of space available for its guests.

In fact, the simple numbers hardly do her justice: 19.63 are the meters in length and 5.52 in width, however, when you get on board the sensation is that of being on a yacht of a different size. The internal heights are almost exaggerated, the side surfaces are entirely glazed, and the maximum beam of the hull is fully exploited from bow to stern, meaning that a lot of floor space is walkable.

In its evolution, model after model, Absolute is refining itself towards increasingly sophisticated and unique solutions. An example is the beach club aft, never before seen on a hull of this size.

A further point of strength of Navetta 64 are the outdoor liveable areas, with two large living both fore and aft, the sunken dashboard, but above all a fly that fully exploits the maximum beam available.

As the whole range, the Navetta 64 shows off surprising numbers given the large volume she displays.

During our test, in a day of calm sea and sailing with a full tank of both water and diesel fuel, with two Volvo Penta 1350 IPS in the engine room, we have reached a 27 knots top speed.

Even more interesting, however, are the data related to the cruising speed: at 22 knots, you travel in absolute silence consuming 285 l/hour, which become 240 at 19/20 knots, a perfect transfer rate.

(Absolute Navetta 64: the sea trial video – Barchemagazine.com – November 2020)