Absolute 48 Coupé, new developments

More sporty, yet still perfectly faithful to the Dna of the yard from Podenzano. The first of a new range, this 15-metre boat offers a large amount of living space and good performance. The set-up of the whole stern area is innovative and intelligent

by Luca Sordelli – photo by Alberto Cocchi

The same, but different. It is unmistakeably an Absolute boat, but it is new. The yard based in Podenzano has decided to add a new range to its catalogue, to join the Fly and Navette lines, and it has done so in the best way possible, staying faithful to its style and know-how while at the same time anticipating what the market is looking for and catering to the need to give every buyer the boat that they require. The new 48 Coupé will appeal to owners, male and female, who have a slightly more sporty side. People who don’t need a flybridge and who don’t do very long trips in summer. So, something slightly different has appeared, but the two key elements of the yard are still there: plenty of room onboard, a hull that is modern and performs well, and is efficient at all speeds. And actually, there is something else that is still there from a typical Absolute design, which is the desire to come up with something different.

Also in keeping with the yard’s DNA is the way the 48 Coupé has much larger volumes than most of the competitors for a similar length boat. The layout has three cabins and two bathrooms on the accommodation deck, while the galley is on the main deck.

Personally, when I look at an Absolute, I can only think that they were amongst the first yards, if not the first, to wholeheartedly accept the IPS revolution, which has become standard over time. I also think of their hulls, which ensure that you get a lot of interior volumes, but also good performance levels. The 48 Coupé waiting for me at the quay for our test gives me the same impression. This time there hasn’t perhaps been as much deep-seated innovation, but it was certainly interesting.

The master cabin in the bow is spectacular, with the double bed located diagonally so that it uses a large amount of volume available as well as possible. The large double windows on the side produce a lot of light, as well as give a good view outside.

The lines, as I said, make it unquestionably an Absolute, starting from the double forward-sloping windows along the sides, the muscular shapes, a bow with a lot of volumes and a prow that is practically vertical.

What’s new this time is the stern. The cockpit is different from all the other models of this size: the taffrail is made entirely from glass; the whole area is fitted out with furniture and sofas that can be set up in different ways; the galley is inside, on the main deck, but looks right out onto the cockpit and the door is made up of six transparent panels, four of which can slide – so you don’t notice the separation between inside and out.

The gunwales on the side have gaps, and that means that when you are stretched out on the sofa, you don’t just get a view of the sea looking aft, but also to port and starboard. To round it off, the entire area can be completely shaded by an electric awning, which slides away into the roof. And the result? A large, elegant terrace that looks onto the sea, with a bathing area below with space for water toys, easy access to the water and a large locker to house fins, masks and other smaller toys with the opening cleverly split into three. So, in the area above, you can chat, eat and enjoy the sun (or shade if you prefer); below you can play around and dive into the sea. In other words, what you do during a classic family cruise: adults above, little ones below. And it is here that you find the beating heart of the boat, a small masterpiece in making the most of space. 


There were fewer surprises when we tried the boat out on the water. The 48 Coupé confirmed the kind of excellent performance we have come to expect on a sunny day with calm sea off Varazze. The two 650s linked to 480 hp D6s work well across a wide rev range. Proof of this is the most important curve, the one for diesel used per nautical mile, which keeps falling once you have reached 2600 rpm, except for the inevitable peak at the end when you ask the Swedish engines for 100% of their power. The figures show top speed 28.4 knots (6.5 litres per nautical mile), most efficient point between 24 and 25 knots, at 3600 rpm for spectacular cruising speed, which gives 265 nautical miles range (6.0 litres per mile). For anyone not in a rush, displacement mode could even be a good choice, which is something that the hull designed by the technical department of the yard in Podenzano certainly hasn’t overlooked: at ten knots you use fifty litres an hour and can do 350 nautical miles without filling up.

Engine room
In the engine room, we find two Volvo Penta D6 engines developing 480 horsepower and fitted with IPS 650s. These work well with the Absolute hull, with a top speed of over 28 knots. The most efficient speed is 25 knots, where it uses six litres per nautical mile

The hardtop houses solar panels that give a peak power of 2.5 kW, which is principally useful when at anchor, so you can use on board facilities without turning the generator on.

Via F. Petrarca, 4
Loc. I Casoni – Gariga
I-29027 Podenzano (PC)
T. +39 (0)523 354011
[email protected]

Shipyard technical department

LOA 14.9m • Maximum beam 4.52m • Draft at full load 1.2m • Light mass displacement 21,190 kg • Fuel tank volume 1,600 l • Water tank volume 530 l                 

2 Volvo Penta D6 IPS 650 • Outlet mechanical power 353 kW (480 hp) • No. of cylinders 6 • Bore&Stroke 103mm x 110mm • Swept volume 5.5 l • Maximal rotational speed 3700/min • Weight 645 kg 

CAT B – 14           

Starting from 815,000€, Excl.VAT (May 2022)

(Absolute 48 Coupé, un nuovo orizzonte – Barchemagazine.com – May 2022)