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Monohull or multihull, custom made or mass produced. There is no shortage of novelties in the sailing world, nor among the shipyards, designers and... A World We like

Monohull or multihull, custom made or mass produced. There is no shortage of novelties in the sailing world, nor among the shipyards, designers and boat owners Made in Italy

SAILING IS ALIVE AND KICKING. The numerous new products presented at the Autumn boat shows are a clear sign of recovery. The catamaran strong trend continues. The multihulls are no longer just being built by French yards for French sailors. Historic brands are joined by new names, such as Set Marine, the Sicilian boatyard which has presented a new product for the second consecutive year, and Comet, which has created its very first catamaran. As for the monohulls, novelties come from sailing boats of all different sizes, from 9 to 24 meters. The bigger the size, the more customisable they get; however, the options to personalise above and below deck are increasing on small and on mass production boats.

Fountaine Pajot
The new catamaran of the French yard is named Ipanema 58. Being a multihull it has the remarkable size of 17 meters times two. There are three different interior layouts: the charter one with 6 cabins and 6 bathrooms; the one for a “moderate” owner with a large owner suite, 4 double cabins and 4 bathrooms and lastly the “Super owner” with a huge  owner suite which takes up three quarters of the starboard hull plus three other cabins.


It only started this year,  but it has done so decisively. At this Autumn boat shows the yard of Fiumicino displayed the Comet Cat 37. Designed by Marc Lombard, the hull has been built to guarantee high performances even with low wind, which is an uncommon detail among the cruising multi hulls. The 37 will not remain alone for long. Indeed Comar has decided that Comet Cat will be a real range. The 50 and the 62 are coming.


Set Marine
After having presented the maxi last year, the Sicilian yard has launched the 435. It has a fine waterline, a light displacement and large sail to guarantee fast cruising performances alongside a multihull comfort and living area both for interior and exterior. Hull, deck and interior design have been designed by Toni Punzio and Ilenia Indaco. It is made of polyester and vinyl ester resins with carbon reinforcements by infusion.


The next season novelty of the French yard is the Jeanneau 54. The concept is similar to the 64 one which was launched last year and consists of maximum use of the available space to increase comfort at cruising. Despite being 16 meters long, it has a large cockpit and a sunbathing area with moulded sunbeds on the deck at bow. There are four interior layouts available, from two up to five cabins.


Michael Schmidt Yachtbau
The shipyard is German, but the Brenta 80, the monohull which caught the eye of many in Cannes and Genoa, is a bit Italian too. In fact the design and the general concept have been designed by Lorenzo Argento of Luca Brenta Design, whilst David Chipperfield was responsible for the interior. It’s a hull of about 24 meters long, made of carbon, epoxy resin, E-glass and Corecell and Divincell for the topside.


Last year we tested the 44. Now it is the turn of the A80. The project has been designed by Reichel Pugh, whilst Mario Pedol and Massimo Gini of Nauta were responsible for the interiors yet again. For only 2 centimeters it can be certified as a pleasure boat instead of a ship, like the previous model.  It has a backward yet prominent max beam.


The line is simple yet sleek. It is down to Javier Soto Acebal who has designed the Solaris 50, a hull of 15.40 meters long and 4.55 wide. The sailing surface is of 160 sqm and the displacement of 14 tons of which 35% stays in the bulb. These characteristics can classify it as a timeless and refined design cruiser racer able to be appreciated for a long time without going out of fashion.


V 50 Pret-à-porter has the typical Vismara DNA which means quality of the building materials, high technology and customization beyond our wildest imaginations. You can choose the interior layout with two or three cabins, small or large berths, how and with what materials to build the deck. The concept is the one of easy sailing, allowing the owner to enjoy the wind without much trouble.


After the Centurion 57, the French yard presented the new Pilot Saloon 48. All Wauquiez models, including this one, are characterized by the exceptional quality of the construction techniques and materials. The owner can choose between three drafts, from 1.80 up to 3.10 meters. Below deck the choice is between two different layouts both with three cabins and two bathrooms. The difference is the position of the master cabin, which may be located forwards or backwards.


The 460 Grand Large is the latest addition designed by Umberto Felci. This hull, of more than 14 meters long,  is proof that even mass production boats can feature innovative solutions. For instance, the galley is positioned forward aft of the mast. The result is very functional. The displacement is contained and the sail area is significant. The under sail performance is more than satisfactory.


Cantieri del Pardo
The big novelty is the Grand Soleil 46, and don’t forget to add “LC”. It stands for Long Cruise. It is a pure cruising boat, made to keep on sailing and losing the habit of setting foot ashore. For instance this is obvious when you look at the roll bar on which the main sheet runs, leaving a spacious and uncluttered cockpit, and the large dinette and interior galley. The hull is designed by Marco Lostuzzi, whilst the interior and exterior lines are by Nauta Yachts.


Maxi Yachts
The aft of the M1200 was visible from the pier at Cannes and Genoa Boat Shows. Open and with a chine, it looks a lot like the French RM. Instead it comes from a Swedish yard, and its designer is Swedish too: Pelle Peterson. The idea is to combine under sail performance and easy handling. True to “Nordic” traditions, it is ideal in all sailing conditions.


Elan keeps renewing its range and the Impression 40 is the evolution of the 394. Once again, the project is by Humphreys Yacht Design which, together with the technical department of the yard, has innovated the interiors and the deck. The tilting transom allows you to sail safely with a closed cockpit and, at the same time, to have easy access to the sea when you are at anchor. The interior is incredibly bright.


The 315 has great interior living space and makes the best use of space above deck. It is an entry level with an interesting standard price designed by the Judel/Vrolijk studio. Despite being only 9.62 meters long it’s customizable . For example, it offers the choice between a tiller bar and a wheel. It also features a tilting transom, an unusual choice on a boat this size.


The 29 has a really affordable “turnkey” price: € 31,000. This is a positive sign, because it means that there are still people interested in joining the sailing world for the first time. The interior layout has two comfortable cabins, one at bow and the other at stern. The bow anchor roller, with an extension which allows you to use the anchor without getting in the way of the jib roller, is a great solution. Apart from the seats in the cockpit, two more seats have been added abaft at the corners of the handrail. It features a tiller bar, but a wheel is also an option.


(A World We like – Barchemagazine.com – November 2015)