A new President, the editorial by Franco Michienzi

Saverio Cecchi is the new president of UCINA Confindustria Nautica. Elected by the shareholder’s meeting, he has been tasked with restoring unity between the many different players involved in the Italian yachting industry

by Francesco Michienzi

Saverio Cecchi has been issued a decisive mandate with regard to the potential for developing the Italian yachting industry. His long career within the association guarantees his expertise in such a complex sector.

His main task is to bring all the main players in the yachting world back together. He has been described as a man of peace taking over from a lady of war. However, there hasn’t been a war over recent years. It was simply a case of everyone having something to defend. Personally, I believe that these positions were the result of a financial crisis that required answers UCINA was unable to provide at the time. 

However, this is all water under the bridge. We need to look to the future and an advanced vision of the role we should be playing in the world.

People who know Saverio Cecchi well know that he is a determined and patient man with many great qualities. He knows this sector inside out. Cecchi is the perfect figure to act upon the signs of a thaw from Lamberto Tacoli and Massimo Perotti who, during a conference at Viareggio, both emphasised the need to restore a single authoritative voice to the Italian yachting industry, a voice able to represent it in all institutional and professional environments.

The potential for development is huge, but the political uncertainty on a global level demands that we adopt a united front in order to tackle every possible scenario, including a major crisis.

(A new President – Barchemagazine.com – July 2019)