43Wallytender X, american dream

The outboard version of Wally’s 13-metre boat is designed very much in an American way. The high-performance hull is still there, with the functional deck and sophisticated construction. Furthermore, it does a good amount of knots. And with that comes adrenalin

by Luca Sordelli

LET’S START FROM A FEW SIMPLE FIGURES: THE 43WALLYTENDER, officially launched in 2020, weight to power ratio of around 22 kilos for every kilowatt of power available; 43Wallytender X, officially launched in 2021, weight to power ratio: 11.9. Nearly half. So, what has changed? There are no longer two 440 hp D6 Volvo Penta Diesel engines in the engine room. Instead, there are three Mercury Verado 450Rs on the transom, the most powerful combination that can be fitted and the one that I had the pleasure of trying out. The vinyl ester resin infusion moulding used in construction is unchanged, with a structure that is sixty per cent hybrid glass and carbon fibre structure, with the T-Top completely in carbon epoxy.

The deck of the 43Wallytender X is modular: the base version is a pure tender, with the whole of the stern area entirely clear. The version we tried out had a large sun pad under which you can store water toys, scuba tanks or SeaBobs.

The steering position is spectacular, with a double seat, flush instrumentation and wrap-around windscreen. Throttle functions are duplicated in the joystick which, in part because of having three engines and also the bow thruster, make manoeuvring very simple.

So why has this new version been made? The most obvious answer is: to go faster. The top speed has increased by around ten knots, from 40 to 50, as well as having greater acceleration – the time needed to start planning has fallen from 6.7 to 4.1 seconds. We are making the comparison with the figures from when we tried out the EFB version, a test we published in the July edition. In reality, the X version of the 43Wallytender hasn’t just been created to satisfy a drive for adrenalin amongst the most sporty-minded buyers, but also to meet the specific requests of the US market, especially people in Florida. It is no coincidence that this outboard version has been designed to solve two other problems that are commonly faced by people who use the waters in that part of the world: a shallow draught, achieved by raising the drive and fitting under the numerous bridges that pepper the waterways that lead to marinas and inland to the villas in the area. Indeed, the maximum height of 4.7 metres was calculated because of these factors.

Below deck, the 43WallytenderX has a cabin with a separate bathroom and shower. It has been created as a day cruiser, a tender for both sail-powered and motor superyachts, and a support vessel for resorts.

A distinctive sign is a fender bar, which runs the whole length of the gunwale. It is a style element, but it is also extremely functional. It is also fitted out so it can be towed from the bow by a mother ship.

The well-known “collateral damage” from opting for so much power is an increase in fuel consumption: at top speed, you go from using 4.5 to ten litres per mile. And at 32 knots, which is a fast cruising speed, you now use 8.3 rather than 4.3 litres. But this is a problem that is also reduced by the laughably low cost of petrol in the US: around 3.30 or 3.50 dollars a gallon, which is seventy euro-cents a litre. So, this is a design that is tailor-made for American buyers, but one that will also find its supporters amongst those in our waters who are looking for a dose of excitement and aren’t too worried when it comes to refuelling. It certainly won my full approval.

43wallytender X

It is a real pleasure to handle: it can be aggressive, but never enraged; it is very precise in turns, even when playing around at slaloming; it is very gentle when going through waves, the angle of the hull has changed to 21 degrees compared to 18 in the previous version. You feel the tilt while accelerating, but the nice design of the helm position, which is forward and fairly high, resolves that perfectly.

43wallytender X
43wallytender X

Amongst the most interesting options are the solar panels that are integrated into the carbon fibre of the T-Top. Combined with a package of lithium batteries, they cover energy usage when at anchor.

We didn’t reach the fifty knots that the yard claims for the boat, we “only” got to 48, but we were using a full-optional boat, which was carrying nearly 100% of its liquid capacity. Something else that should be stressed is how moving the engines from inside to out has been achieved without any impact in terms of looks or function. There are more and more outboard versions of every kind of boat. The US market, as we said earlier, is very enticing. There aren’t many boats that have succeeded in making this transition, however. Outboards are large and cumbersome, they steal space from the aft platform, and make getting into the water difficult. What is more, they nearly always destroy a design that had been conceived for inboard engines. All of those dangers have been avoided on the 43Wallytender X, not least because of having two sides that fold down (as standard), and a ladder that stows away and the absence of steps in the stern area.

In terms of looks, the lines of the three Verados feel as though they have been drawn up by the boat designers themselves, so perfect is the integration.

43wallytender X

Engine data
The model we tried out carried three Mercury Verado 450Rs, which are 4.6-litre V8s. There is also a version with three engines, again Mercury Verados, but which develop 300 horsepower each.

6 Av. Albert II
MC-98000 Monaco
T. +377 99905374

PROJECT: Shipyard technicl department Luca Bassani (design) Ferretti Engineering (naval architecture)

HULL: LOA 13.2m Waterline length 12m Maximum beam 4.3m Draft 1.25m Light mass displacement 9,000 t Full load displacement 12,000 t Fuel tanks volume 1,750 l Water tank volume 200 l

MAIN PROPULSION: 3 Mercury Verado 450R Outlet mechanical power 336 kW (450 hp) Bore&Stroke 92mm x86mm Swept volume 4.6 l Compression ratio 1.60:1 Maximal rotational speed 5800 – 6400/min Weight 313 kg


PRICE: starting from 745,000 Excl.VAT, EXW, European version, with a lot of options as standard (November 2021)

(43Wallytender X, american dream – Barchemagazine.com – Novembre 2021)