ZAR 95 SL, entertaining and safe ZAR 95 SL, entertaining and safe
The ZAR 95 SL is the new flagship of Zar, a boat with an extremely functional deck and a beautifully designed hull. With two... ZAR 95 SL, entertaining and safe

The ZAR 95 SL is the new flagship of Zar, a boat with an extremely functional deck and a beautifully designed hull. With two 350 hp Suzuki engines, we reached the maximum speed of 53 knots

by Luca Sordelli photo by Andrea Muscatello

A well-designed hull is easy to spot. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind as I find myself steering the Zar 95 SL, on a day with calm waters and a total absence of wind. The ideal conditions to feel the boat in a “clean” situation, to test its true qualities in terms of speed and consumptions, and to push it to the limit. And maybe a bit beyond.


To me, to tell you the truth, this is no surprise, because the hull is the same to the one of the Zar 97, which I had already tried and appreciated. This is why, as soon as I push the levers all the way forward, I realise that this test is going to be pure pleasure. Astern are a couple of Suzuki DF350A, the maximun power available.

The torque of these Japanese 6-cylinder engines is, as always, powerful, and on the Zar it perfectly discharges into the water, both in terms of speed – planing is reached after 3.3 seconds and it takes just over 8 seconds to reach 30 knots – and in terms of trim, with a very slight pitch of the bow during the fateful moment when the boat exits displacement.

The calm waters of a deserted lake on an autumn day in the middle of the week immediately make me want to find out how far I can go with the Zar 95in my hands. I push the two throttle levers as far as they go and cash in all the 6,300 rpm unleashed by the two 350 Japanese hp engines. Then I crank up the trim as much as possible.

The result? I soar up to 53 knots and the boat still feels nice and compact. In short, if the conditions allow it, the new flagship by Formenti, although it is conceived as a pure boat for cruising and holidays, can also yield rather satisfying thrills.

But even more interesting are the figures we recorded during more cruise-like speeds: the best performance is achieved at 27 knots, which could be considered as the economy cruising speed, where you consume just 2.1 litres for every mile, which implies a range of almost 240 miles.

This value increases slightly as you go up to 32 knots (2.3 litres/mile) and then 37 knots, which could be identified as a fast cruising speed (2.6 litres/mile). When you are steering this boat, you cannot avoid appreciating its remarkable stability and precision during approaches, the immediate feeling of confidence you get with this vessel, and the correct design of the steering position.

Overall, this rib is a nice set of functional choices. On vessels of this size, the “walkaround” solution, with two side decks and the entirely by-passable central console, is always the most comfortable solution, especially when the foredeck hosts two very spacious cockpits that can be turned into two large sundecks.

The characteristic trait of the boat is a beautiful design of the square-shaped bow, which is the typical trademark of the Zar, with the retractable anchor and a practical system to hide the canopy which, when open, covers the entire central area of the boat.ZAR 95 SL


Even the night area, albeit smaller than in the Skydeck version, is still very liveable. You go down two steps and access a double bunk with a good height over the bed, a small storage space and an authentic and comfortable bathroom. There is no galley, but there is no need for it either, since the one on deck installed in the cabinet behind the steering position has everything you need.

Carlos Vidal (Styling and deck development) • Piero Formenti (General project manager) • Luca Formenti (Techical project manager) Francesco Ambrosini (Naval architecture)
HULL LOA 9.6m • Maximum beam 3.3m • Ligh mass displacement 2500 kg •Tube compartments 6 •Tube diameter 60 cm •Fuel tank volumes 600 l  •Water tank volume 140 l
2 Suzuki DF 350 A • Outlet mechanical power 257kW (350hp) • Number of cylinders 6 • Bore & Stroke 98mm x97mm • Total swept volume 4,39 l • Maximal rotational speed 6300/min • Weight 330 kg

PRICE 112,900€ Excl VAT – as standard – bare boat
Vigna della Pace 2/2
20086 Motta Visconti (MI) – ITALY
TEL +39 02.90000788
FAX +39 02.90001850

(ZAR 95 SL – – Aprile 2019)

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