ZAR 59SL Limited, beyond every limit ZAR 59SL Limited, beyond every limit
The new ZAR 59SL Limited is a six-metre RIB with plenty of room and with a lot of functional details. It works very well... ZAR 59SL Limited, beyond every limit

The new ZAR 59SL Limited is a six-metre RIB with plenty of room and with a lot of functional details. It works very well with the Suzuki DF 150 engine, which gives good speed with limited fuel consumption

by Luca Sordelli – photo by Andrea Muscatello

FLAT WATER, NO WIND. HOT. One of those mornings typical of Lake Maggiore when a thick haze forms on the horizon, with the mountain tops peeking through. There are no other boats around. Nothing in sight is moving. The only thing to disturb all this calm is me. Everything is stationary and so it is the ideal situation to really push the Zar 59SL Limited that I have to try out. On the transom I have the maximum power allowed, 150 hp, provided by the four cylinders of the Suzuki DF 150 A.


Yes, of course, I know it is not just a question of speed to answer the question everybody always asks: “how fast does it go?”. A boat shouldn’t be judged just by what the speedometer shows once the throttle is right open… But having what in car terms would be a runway for intercontinental flights completely clear and just for me, is a real incitement to behave like a lout.

I am barely out of Baveno harbour that I push the gas fully open and the trim right up. I have another confession to make: I have already tried out this boat out a couple of years ago. The same hull with the same motor. But that wasn’t in the Limited version, which is the latest update that was mainly created to meet the needs of northern European markets that were looking for a new design for the helmsman’s seat, which is now fitted to be used not just for driving while seated, but also as a back support for anybody who wants to steer while standing.


Let’s be honest: it’s not a major difference. But it is a jolly good excuse for me to get back on board, and to get my hands back on a dinghy that I liked a lot then, and which I like even more now that I can enjoy it in perfect conditions, on my own in the middle of a completely still lake.

I started planing in three seconds, and in nineteen seconds I reached top speed, which was just below forty knots. That is a significant amount for a boat that weighs 600 kg and that has one of the largest usable deck surfaces in this, a very crowded part of the market. But once again strikes me about the Zar hull is the stability and ease of handling.

The Zar 59SL Limited moves as if it were on rails, straight as a train. And if it doesn’t produce very tight turns (something not needed for a boat that is created for cruising) it should really be stressed that the Zar stays flat and calm on the water, even at high speed.

Fuel consumption figures are also very good, and the hull/engine combination again proves itself to be perfect: you get the best performance, and the best cruising speed, at 24 knots, where it uses 23.4 litres, which means just 0.9 a mile, giving a range of just under 180 miles. And in conditions this calm, you can easily go at 35 knots, using 90% of the revs available, while still using a very reasonable amountof fuel: 45 litres per hour, in a level of comfort that is surprising for a hull that is six metres long.

The deck, as I said, hasn’t changed much at all, and is still an ideal “platform” for holidays, with two sofas, one at either end, both of which can be changed into sun beds, and the central console that is intelligently asymmetric, with the port gangway the wider of the two. Much of the boat is made in fibreglass, and that sets it apart – as is the case with all Zar boats – from the competition and means, amongst other things, that you can have a lot of space incorporated in the sides for lockers, both large and small.

The square bow provides a lot of usable area, and makes it very easy to get onto the quay when you moor at the bow. The other end of this Zar is also well designed, with two platforms on either side of the engine which you can get on to
(or down from) easily, thanks to the two steps/wings at the back of the stern sofa.

Carlo Vidal Design and Luca Formenti
HULL LOA 6.09m • Maximum beam 2.43m – Ligh mass displacement 590 kg • Maximum power rated 150 hp • No of tubes 6 • Tubes diameter 52cm – Fuel tank volumes 160 l • Water tank volume 60 l
MAIN PROPULSION  1 SUZUKI DF 150 A XL Outlet mechanical power 110 kW – 150 hp – Number of cylinders 4 • Bore & Stroke 97mm X 97mm • Total swept volume 2,867 l • Maximal rotational speed 6100/min • Weight 235 kg
PRICE 34,900€ Excl.VAT Bare Boat

Vigna della Pace 2/2
I-20086 Motta Visconti (MI) – ITALY
+39 02.90000788

(Settembre 2019)

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