XShore, from Sweden, 100% electric (and reaching 40 knots) XShore, from Sweden, 100% electric (and reaching 40 knots)
XShore was created by the will of the volcanic Swedish entrepreneur Konrad Bergström, with the aim of launching a range of zero emission boats,... XShore, from Sweden, 100% electric (and reaching 40 knots)

XShore was created by the will of the volcanic Swedish entrepreneur Konrad Bergström, with the aim of launching a range of zero emission boats, with a high technological content and with a great attention, in every detail, to environmental sustainability.

Whether large or small, electric and hybrid propulsion boats are increasingly crowding the news of the boating world. Recently we have talked about the new Benetti BF272 100 meters, the Tankoa 50 meters, but also the much smaller Repower-e.

Now it’s the turn of the Swedish brand XShore by Konrad Bergström, a successful Swedish entrepreneur who has experience in many different sectors, all very far from the boating industry, but always innovative (such as Urbanears and Marshall) but who has the sea in his blood. His grandmother came from a family of anglers, while his grandfather was a sailor. He has always been the owner of pleasure boats of all kinds.

Xshore dd

We boarded his first invention, Eelex 8000, a boat 8 meters long and 2.60 wide that in the engine room (which is located at the bow, while the batteries are half boat) has an electric motor from Eel and that can count on 220 kW of maximum power thanks to two lithium-ion batteries of 60 kWh each.

The numbers are very interesting in terms of autonomy: the maximum speed is 40 knots, the fast cruise speed is 25 knots, with an autonomy of two hours. Going down to maximum performance, the range rises to 100 miles. What about the recharging time? 8 hours if you use a 360 Volt column, 12 if the recharging point is set to 220 Volts.

XShore Eelex 8000 cc

XShore wants to be a real concentrate of modernity: the hull is peculiar, developed together with the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothemburg with an impressive half boat step and two marked longitudinal support skids that ensure that once on plane the boat has a minimum wetted surface.

The transmission is entrusted to a long shaft line (the engine is at the bow to optimize both thrust and weight distribution) designed in collaboration with Rolls-Royce. The clutch system is now entrusted to a sophisticated water-based technology, but an electromagnetic system will be adopted in the future. The aim is to reduce friction, but also to be as ecological as possible by avoiding the use of oils. It also has a small Jetthruster water-jet bow-trhuster. The T-top and seat pillars are made of carbon.

XShore Eelex 8000

The attention to the environment is one of the dominant points of the Xshore project, which is also equipped with a deck and walkways in cork and has leather seats, the same used for the saddles for horses, in order to use natural and recyclable materials. The seats are then convertible, their arrangement can be quickly changed thanks to an intelligent system of guides and rails.

The design, decidedly Nordic, comes from an extreme attention to functionality, but also from the need to adapt to a production in large numbers: the model is that of the modular construction of automotive inspiration.

XShore Eelex 8000

“Our goalBergström told us – is to propose ourselves as a real world boat, the future of mobility can only pass through the electric. We cannot imagine new companies that are not sustainable, and even existing ones will have to adapt. Within five years, we aim to optimise the product and the construction process more and more, and to lower the sales price. We want to become the “people boat”, the boat for everyone”.

XShore Eelex 8000 – Technical data
LOA 8.0m
Maximum beam 2.6 m
Draft 0.8 m
Displacement 2,200 kg
Batteries 2 x 60 kWh
Maximum power 220 kW
Recharge 8h at 360 V – 12h at 220 V
Maximum speed 40 knots
Cruising speed 25 knots (2.5 hours)
Range 100 nm
Main propulsion Eel
Hull Sten Örnebald
Interior Design Norra Norr

XShore Eelex 8000