Tofinou 10, the day (sailer) after tomorrow Tofinou 10, the day (sailer) after tomorrow
Th new Tofinou 10 is fast and stylish, but also with interior volumes which mean you can stay on board for a few days... Tofinou 10, the day (sailer) after tomorrow

Th new Tofinou 10 is fast and stylish, but also with interior volumes which mean you can stay on board for a few days without missing out on comfort

by Niccolò Volpati, photo by © Jean-Marie Liot

Tofinou 10 is the first model made by the Latitude 46 yard after being acquired by a new owner. It’s a French group, the one that has bought Wauquiez. The fortunes and the relaunch of the brand has been entrusted to the ten metre-boat designed by Joubert/Nivelt. Tofinou 10 has typical elements which manage not to betray the lovers of this genre, but also possesses a few new arms. TOFINOU 10

The style is unmistakeable and doesn’t change. It is a daysailer made for those who love to sail with a certain style. A lot of visible mahogany on the deckhouse goes with the fibreglass, which also hides the sheet and halyard blocks in the cockpit.

So what is new? The fact that it isn’t just a boat for day trips, given that the interiors are set up to comfortably house four people.

Below decks, there is everything you need for a cruise. In the two cabins, one in the bow, and the other in the stern, the berths are over 150 cm wide. That is bigger than the traditional French style. So the habitability is more than acceptable. There is a full 89 cm above the bed in the stern cabin, an amount that means you don’t get closed up in a narrow space.

The kitchenette may just have a single burner, and the chart table may be small, but they are there – and they work. There wasn’t a lot of wind during our trial, between Île de Ré and La Rochelle. We started with the self-tacking jib, and the speed wasn’t bad at all. With seven knots wind speed, the boat travelled at five knots when sailing close hauled.

TOFINOU 10I tried to take it as close to the wind as possible, and easily held it at 30 degrees without losing headway. The self-furling jib is very easy to use, and despite the fact that it isn’t particularly big, it means that we can sail the Tofinou 10 very easily. As optionals there are electric winches and the combination with the self-furling foresail, means that even someone on their own can sail without problems.

All the rigging is actually channelled to the cockpit, and close to the wheel. We tried to get away from the coast, but the wind didn’t strengthen, and even fell off a bit. We decided to use the Code 0. This sail is also easy to use because it furls on a furler. The boat handles well at all points, from close to the wind up to sailing on a broad reach.

You just need six knots’ wind speed to sail well. Sailing a close reach, with the wind gauge showing just over seven knots, we do as much as 6.3. But it’s not just the figure which has an impact. The reaction is also excellent. Just as soon as there is a gust, or a slight strengthening of the wind, the boat accelerates without hesitation.TOFINOU 10

Now that I have tried the Code 0, I can further appreciate the self-furling jib because, if the wind isn’t very strong, you can choose the larger sail, but otherwise – if the conditions are more difficult – you can use a foresail with less canvas, and which adjusts itself, is perfect for having fun, even with a reduced crew.

We tested the most “Mediterranean” version, with a conventional wheel and fixed keel, but as is the case with every good French ocean-going boatyard, there is also a version with a removable keel, and this means that draught is reduced from 2.35 metres to just one metre. For those who prefer, there is also the option of having a tiller, rather than a wheel.

What can be appreciated, as well as well as the good balance struck between sensitivity and course-holding is that, even when the boat is heeling, manoeuvrability is never put in doubt. There are actually double rudder blades, and so one of the two is always well under water. To sum up, the boat is easy to manoeuvre but not slow.

On the contrary, the performance level is nothing to be frowned at, while not being extreme. And the habitability, especially if we consider that the hull is just one centimetre below ten metres, allows four people to go beyond just a day trip because the volumes are suitable for short to medium range cruising.

Hull: Length 9.99m • Waterline length 8.80m • maximum beam 3.40m • Deep draught 2.0 m • Shallow draught 1.0/2.35 m • Deep ballast weight 4900 kg • Ballast 1300 kg • Mainsail surface 33.7 m2 • Genoa 22.50 m2 • Code 0 45 m2
• Spi 95 m2 • Fuel tank volume 50 l • Water tank volume 140 l
Main Propulsion: Nanni Diesel N3.21 • 15.4 kW (21 hp) • 3 cylinder in line • Bore&Stroke 67mm x68mm • Compression ratio 23:1 • Maximum rotational speed  3600/min • saildrive transmission • Weight 144 kg (with saildrive)
EC Certification: Cat. B 6 people
Price: 262.000 Euro, Exclusive VAT (as standard)

Ile de Ré
La Rochelle, Franci
+33 (0)5 46094179

Dealer in Italy
YachtSynergy Srl
Marina Cala Galera box 24
Porto Ercole (GR)
+39 0564 830234
[email protected]

(Tofinou 10, the day (sailer) after tomorrow  – – Maggio 2018)

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