Tankoa S501 Hybrid Binta d’Or, bring on the hybrids Tankoa S501 Hybrid Binta d’Or, bring on the hybrids
Binta d’Or, which was built byTankoa Yachts with an aluminium hull and superstructure, was designed by Francesco Paszkowski, with interiors by Margherita Casprini. This superyacht... Tankoa S501 Hybrid Binta d’Or, bring on the hybrids

Binta d’Or, which was built byTankoa Yachts with an aluminium hull and superstructure, was designed by Francesco Paszkowski, with interiors by Margherita Casprini. This superyacht is fifty metres long and has  a hybrid diesel-electric power system

by Mariateresa Campolongo – photo by Riccardo Borgenni

 BINTA D’OR IS THE SECOND SUPERYACHT IN TANKOA’S FIFTY-METRE SERIES.This superyacht is the product of combined work between the yard, the owner and the Francesco Paszkowski Design studio. Launched exactly two years after the delivery of Vertige, which was the first unit in the S501 series, the Tankoa S501 Hybrid Binta d’Orfollows the external design of its predecessor but adds a series of details in the interior and, especially, in the sophisticated propulsion system.

Binta d’Or

«When we met the client», said Giuseppe Mazza, Sales and Business Development Manager at Tankoa Yachts,«we started to develop his custom yacht basedon the Vertige’s external lines. As well as a different internal layout, we suggested the option of having a hybrid propulsion system. The client immediately became very enthusiastic about this idea and gave us the go-ahead.
We developed the hybrid system together with Diesel Center, who supply power systems of all kinds, and the Lucchi R. Elettromeccanica firm from Rimini, which supplied the electric engines»

Binta d’OrBut more than the option of having diesel-electric propulsion, which certainly isn’t a complete first in the yachting world, the unusual thing about the Binta d’Or lies in the fact that you can choose between four different propulsion methods. The yacht is powered by a pair of MTU 8V4000M54s (developing 895kW) and two electric motors (developing 300kW) driven by two variable speed 250kWgenerators.

In DEM (diesel electric mode) the electric engines are powered by the two variable speed generators, and that means the boat can get to 10.5 knots, and gives it a top range of 4900 nautical miles. Using DEM means that the main engines are turned off, and you can significantly save on fuel, and reduce noise levels.

In Traditional Mode, the yacht can do 16.5 knots, using both the main diesel engines for propulsion and a diesel generator for on-board equipment, while the variable speed generators independently pass on their rotation speed according to requirements.

In Booster Mode both the main (diesel) engines and the generatorswork to replenish the two electric motors and the onboard equipment, and the boatcan reach a top speed of eighteen knots. Following RINA’s award of its Green Plus Platinum certification to Tankoa Yacht’s 72-metre Sololast year, Binta d’Oris further proof of the special sensitivity to ecological issues that the yard based in Sestri Ponente (a suburb of Genoa) feels: «We have invested over a million euros in developing this hybrid system, we are a yard that pays a lot of attention to everything that involves eco-friendly issues», said Mazza.

The Binta d’Orproject was created by the Francesco Paszkowski Design studio. «Right from the start there was an immediate feeling on how to develop this project, which features intense research into materials and very careful work by the yard, that has been executed with excellent quality. The vertical bow has allowed us to optimise space, to such an extent that we have been able to hide away the tender and the jet ski», said Paszkowski, whose firm focussed on a series of different issues relating to the external areas:

«First off all, we concentrated on increasing the size of the entire exterior, from the sun area, to that for open-air conversation, then we worked on developing some outside areas like the terraces, which are on both the bow and the stern. We also removed the gunwales to free up the view and created large windows to give as much continuity between inside and out. The cockpit is very large, and the sunbathing area, the large sofa, and the two side terraces create a feeling of being on a raised beach club, but one that is in close contact with the sea».

Binta d’Or

The interiors are by Francesco Paszkowski Design, working together with Margherita Casprini, who added: «The harmony within the entire team meant we could do especially detailed research into the materials and architectural details we used. The owner was in full agreement with what we wanted to do, and further enhanced it with some personal requests. He was always very present because he wanted to see how the project took shape. For the interiors, we focused on creating a modern and luminous atmosphere, where the colours and different finishes of the materials used, from wood to marble, from leather to fabrics, could harmoniously co-exist and give continuity and coherence to the style, following a soft sequenceof different colours that move gradually from light tones to end up with others that are definitely darker».

Binta d’Or

You thus go from the ivory shade of the ceilings to the sand-coloured sofas on the main deck, to the hemp of the chair in the owner’s office, and the clay of the sofas on the upper deck, which then becomes a turtle dove colour in the leather on the staircase steps, light bronze in the sofa legs, mud green in covering of the top of the television unit in the living room, honey in the Botticino marblefor the surfaces in the bathrooms, mud for the plinths set in the walls, golden bronze for the surfaces of the bed-side tables in the cabins, moka for the chair legs, smoky grey in the shower doors, polished Persian grey in the marble used in the showers,a foggy London grey in the suede awning ribs, ending with the charcoal-coloured leather pouffes in the main deck living room and the liquorice shade of the brushed larch base of the coffee table on the upper deck.

All of this is brought into a harmoniouswhole by the sophisticated elegance that characterises the interior design projects for yachts done by Margherita Casprini. And the lacquered surfaces of the fittings, all of them in light tones, bring out the luminosity of the rooms.

Some well-known Italian brands were chosen for the furnishing accessories, such as Minotti for the sofas, chairs and armchairs, and Giorgetti for the swivel chair in the owner’s office. But added to this are pieces that have been specially created by the design studio, for example, the pouffe in the vanity unit in the owner’s bathroom, the owner’s desk, the beds, the dining table, and the living room furniture.

Binta d’Or is thus a unique project, that has been carefully created by an excellent team and which has an additional treat compared with the Vertige: a touch-and-go helipad in the stern.

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Tankoa S501 Hybrid Binta d’Or
Project engineering: Studio Francesco Rogantin & Tankoa Technical Office  Exterior Designer: Francesco Paszkowski Design Interior Designer: Francesco Paszkowski Design & Margherita Casprini Hull type: Displacemet Motor Yacht with double propellers Hull: Aluminium  Superstructure: Aluminium LOA 49.90m / 163’8’’ Maximum beam: 9.40m / 30’10”  Draft: 2.21m / 7’3” Full load displacement: about 391 T Gross Tonnage: 499 GT Maximum speed (1/2 load): 18 knotsRange at 12 knots: 4.000 nm Fuel tank volume: 57,300 l Water tank volume: 16,200 l
Main propulsion: 2 x MTU 8V4000M542 x 895kW
Certification: Lloyd’s (MCA LY3)

 (Tankoa S501 Hybrid Binta d’Or, bring on the hybrids – Barchemagazine.com – October 2019) 

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