Words of truth, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The Genoa International Boat Show was a great success, but also provided a stage for today’s politicians to make all kinds of statements, often with no real links to reality. What we really need is more tangible help for the yachting industry by Francesco Michienzi It’s often the case that... Read more
Interpreting a new phase, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The watchwords have changed, nowadays consumers want to be hearing about the environment, sustainability, gender equality, inclusiveness, mindful consumption, technological innovation, and new challenges The most optimistic forecasts say that the Italian boat industry will see a loss of sales equivalent to approximately 13 percentage points, and the loss of roughly 5,000... Read more
Fuelling passion, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
What is the purpose of a magazine like ours? Providing the latest news from the sector, testing and describing boats, and featuring harbours and beauty spots. But also making people dream and helping to distance their minds from daily anxieties by Francesco Michienzi When I wrote the April editorial I... Read more
Friends to our ports? The editorial by Franco Michienzi
The subject of backdated state fees unjustly demanded by the state has been raised forcefully with Paola De Micheli, Minister for Infrastructure, by the president of UCINA. As yet no real commitments have been made by Francesco Michienzi EVERY YEAR I TELL MYSELF TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THE POLITICIANS... Read more
A new President, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
Saverio Cecchi is the new president of UCINA Confindustria Nautica. Elected by the shareholder’s meeting, he has been tasked with restoring unity between the many different players involved in the Italian yachting industry by Francesco Michienzi Saverio Cecchi has been issued a decisive mandate with regard to the potential for developing the... Read more
A winning model, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
The Milan Furniture Fair is undoubtedly a model worth studying in a bid to understand the reasons for its success. The Italian yachting industry, a world leader, just like the timber and furniture sector, could take inspiration from it and emulate its strong points by Francesco Michienzi The incredible... Read more