Rossinavi delivers the 49m M/Y EIV
The Italian shipyard Rossinavi has announced the delivery of EIV, a 48.80 meters superyacht commissioned by an American customer. Previously known as Project Vector 50, EIV is a fusion of Rossinavi’s expertise, the Italian interior and exterior design of the Venetian studio Team for Design – Enrico Gobbi, based in... Read more
Rossinavi delivers 50m M/Y LEL
Italian shipyard Rossinavi has announced the delivery, after 2 years of construction, of the 49.70m M/Y LEL. Interior and exterior design by Luca Dini. Developed by Kurt Lehmann, President of Yacht Moments, LEL seeks a balance between the contemporary exterior and interior sports lines. The design is entirely the... Read more
Rossinavi launched Vector 50 M/Y EIV
The Italian shipyard Rossinavi presented with a private ceremony in its facility in Viareggio EIV.  The custom-made superyacht was commissioned by a private American shipowner. Previously known as Project Vector 50, EIV is a custom-designed high performance luxury three-deck superyacht. The project is the result of a combination of... Read more
Rossinavi, here’s how the infinity range will be
The Infinity range designed by Fulvio De Simoni for Rossinavi will be exclusively sold by Camper & Nicholsons. There are three base models, from 42 to 69 metres long, with naval architecture by Arrabito Naval Architects by Fabio Massimo Bonini IT IS THE SECOND DAY OF WHAT IS IN MY VIEW ONE OF THE... Read more
Phantom 62, innate elegance
Enrico Gobbi and his Team For Design with Phantom 62 have designed a majestic pleasure ship, which finds its strength  in the balance of its shapes and the elegance of its structure by Niccolò Volpati Big boats are one thing, but great boats are a different story. To build great... Read more
Seatec and Compotec, the participation of international buyers grows
New and important names joined the delegation of buyers organized by IMM – CarraraFiere with the support of Ice-Agenzia for the participation to Seatec and Compotec to be held in Marina di Carrara from April 3 to 5. Seatec, the exhibition of technology, components, design and subcontracting applied to... Read more
Enrico Gobbi: this is how my Team for Design works 
Creativity, collaboration, team work, but also a lot of inspiration from the world of 20th century architecture, those are the ingredients which characterise  the work of Enrico Gobbi and his team by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello «A good designer starts from a hand-drawn design. It is with a pencil... Read more
Yacht Design, what has happened in the last 10 years?
This is the first of two articles dedicated to the development of yacht design over the last decade. In this issue we look at custom and semi-custom yachts. We will then go on to examine the production boats by Maria Roberta Morso The years fly by rapidly in the world of yachting,... Read more
Tommaso Spadolini, eclectic by nature 

Tommaso Spadolini, a naval architect and keen sailor, is the custodian of a tradition that he has been able to renew with fresh languages and designs with great strength of expression. He ranges from small motor tenders to sailing cruisers and large pleasure yachts

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Alusteel 49M M/Y, jewel number three
It’s the third unit of the successful series designed by Enrico Gobbi of Team for Design. Both hull lines and naval engineering have been designed by the Arrabito Studio THANKS TO HIS UNIQUE DESIGN, ENRICO GOBBI firmly restates that often yachts are authentic works of art, even before becoming... Read more