Monte Carlo 52, here are the first pictures. Coming to Cannes
16.25 meters long and 4.60 meters wide, the Monte Carlo 52 will make its official debut at the next Yachting Festival in September, marking the arrival of the new “smart luxury” generation by Bénéteau. Carlo Nuvolari & Dan Lenard signed the external lines, while the internal layout is by... Read more
Gianluca Adragna Yacht Design Studio
We met Gianluca Adragna and his team. This versatile group take on every aspect of boat design, from sailing to motor vessels, while also embracing the world of military and working boats. They stand out for their ability to follow the project from beginning to end, from the first... Read more
Chris Kavanaugh, weathering the storm 
We met Chris Kavanaugh, the owner of Vivace, a Monte Carlo Yachts 86’, at the Miami Boat Show. He’s sailed the boat in some treacherous conditions by Fabio Bonini Chris Kavanaugh describes himself as a spirited man who loves to live life to the full; someone who likes beautiful objects, fast cars,... Read more
Adler Suprema, anything is possible

Carbon hull and deck, hybrid propulsion engine and plenty of technology. We went to Monfalcone to see closely how one of the most innovative boats is built

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