Anvera 48, balancing like a tightrope walker
The Anvera 48 shows a great weight/power ratio for exciting performance levels without using too much fuel. Thanks to the use of carbon, the hull, the engines and work that was done entirely at the shipyard by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello  Challenges are compelling if you try... Read more
Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC, flying at 57 knots with two 400-hp Verado
Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC: a lot of space and a lot of power. The feeling while driving is exceptional, as is stability on the water. The new Nuova Jolly maxi rib is simple to handle yet also exhilarating  by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello The lake is... Read more
The new outboards have ever more horse power and the sterndrives are ever smaller and lighter. What is the right choice for your boat?  by Niccolò Volpati The question is as old as a gathering of period boats. Nearly all of us in life, at least once, have joined... Read more
LEVI PMP 8punto5, an effective project 
The Levi PMP 8punto5 can boast structural design by Olivari Engineering, while the superstructure was designed by Pasquale Maria Passalacqua. Thanks to the 260hp Mercury diesel engine it exceeds 40 knots by Angelo Colombo, photo by Andrea Muscatello For pleasure boating fans, there are names, symbols and logos that... Read more
FPT N67 EVO designed to run
Developed in partnership with Mercury, FPT N67 EVO it is available in the 550 and 570 hp versions. The 450 hp version is also on its way di Luca Sordelli FPT has launched a new version of an engine the market has long been familiar with, and appreciated. The... Read more
Athos Baldacci, I have defeated sea sickness…
Sanlorenzo Adriatic Coast is the dealer of Massimo Perotti’ yard for an area of great passions, which Athos Baldacci and his team interpret with noteworthy energy by Francesco Michienzi photo by Andrea Muscatello, ©Guillaume Plisson Athos Baldacci has been working with boats his entire life thanks to a passion... Read more
Ranieri 370 Executive, ready to go cruising

It is the cruiser version of the flagship of the Soverato shipyard with a more spacious bow cabin and a pair of Suzuki outboard engines of 300 hp each

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Wellcraft 262 Fisherman, when things get tough
Wellcraft 262 Fisherman, a nice-looking hull design and a very functional deck. A classic, very sturdy fishing boat with a centre console. We had a close look at it in fairly difficult weather conditions When do you want to have bad weather at sea? Never. It is best to... Read more
Coastal 14 EFB: at full throttle 
We tested the 14 metre Coastal 14 EFB maxirib fitted with two Mercury Marine engines driving sterndrive, reaching a top speed of 42.7 knots  di Angelo Colombo, foto diAndrea Muscatello We had already tried other Coastal boats in the past, so some of its positive qualities were not a surprise to us.... Read more