Invictus Yacht, the new TT460 is powered by Volvo Penta
Italian manufacturer Invictus Yacht launches the new Invictus TT460 powered by Volvo Penta’s latest D6 IPS package. High performance without sacrificing comfort and space onboard. A boat that manages to combine luxury and high performance. This is the purpose of Invictus Yachts with TT460. Thanks to Volvo Penta’s new... Read more
Invictus GT 320, details make the difference
The new Invictus GT 320 is a boat with a top speed of 44 knots, built with a level of care that is more typical of a much larger boat. Designed by Christian Grande by Luca Sordelli – photo by Alberto Cocchi  «WHO IS THE TYPICAL INVICTUS OWNER? A... Read more
Invictus at the Miami Yacht Show
From 13 to 17 February, Invictus Yacht will be taking part in the Miami Yacht Show for the first time. The Italian brand will be exhibiting two models from its GT range, the GT 370 (pictured) and the GT 280 S, at the American boat show.  The formula is simple,... Read more
Invictus 200 HX: small, but full of character
Invictus 200 HX is a nice design by Christian Grande who in just six metres  has managed to come up with  a very original product.  Its looks are refined, but its soul is that of a professional craft which can do anything. Even fishing, proper fishing by Luca Sordelli It isn’t that... Read more
Invictus Yacht, Unveiled at Boot the Plans for the Future
Invictus Yacht has unveiled its achievements and plans for the future at Boot 2019, which is currently in progress and will close next Sunday. In its four years of existence, the Italian shipyard has produced 300 units per season and now is looking to new markets and new products.... Read more
Christian Grande, a transversal and uncontaminated vision
Unstoppable, passionate, enthusiastic: Christian Grande hails from the world of car design, but he’s become one of the first ports of call for boat design in Italy, and that’s not all. He observes and studies everything around him. A wide-reaching, uncontaminated vision to interpret the present and imagine the future... Read more
Invictus 280 CX, a question of detail
The Invictus 280 CX is boat less than nine metres long, but with an attention to detail and to design more typical of  a much larger vessel. Powered by an inboard-outboard Volvo Penta, it does over 40 knots. And it has many useful features on deck  by Luca Sordelli It is... Read more
Yamaha F150G and Invictus 200 FX: power and control 

The precision of electronic throttles, a large amount of torque and very low fuel consumption are the main features of the new 150 hp engine from the Japanese house. It shares its thermal unit with its big brother, the F200G

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Invictus 370 GT, trials and test

Anche l’ammiraglia disegnata da Christian Grande non tradisce le aspettative: carena performante e sicura, coperta e interni confortevoli ed eleganti. Il tutto senza rinunciare allo stile

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