Ilumen 28 Cadet V, absolutely  tailor made
We tested the Cadet V, which is almost identical to the Kalienteand Zalanka, but with V-drive in-line transmissions. Powered with two Man engines of 1200 hp each, the yacht travels at a top speed of over 20 knots  by Francesco Michienzi – photo by Mark Sims This type of... Read more
Dominator Ilumen 28 M, the sea trial

She has a certified length of 23.95 metres, but provides the comfort and room of a pleasure yacht of forty metres. She will make her official debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival. BARCHE was able to try her out in advance

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Dominator Ilumen 26, project

La carena, progettata da Andrea Agrusta, è stata studiata per fornire la massima efficienza energetica in ogni regime di moto, garantendo al contempo eccellenti prestazioni di tenuta al mare, manovrabilità, sicurezza e comfort

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