Heesen has delivered full custom yacht YN 18556
Heesen announced the delivery of 56m superyacht YN 18556 (previously known as Project Neptune). Exterior lines by Jonny Horsfield, interior design by Reymond Langton. Hessen announced the delivery of the 56m YN 18556 Galvas. Jonny Horsfield of British firm H2 carried out the exterior design, which features horizontal elements,... Read more
Winch Design and Heesen laid down the keel of new 80m M/Y Cosmos
The collaboration between Winch Design and Heesen is proceeding: the keel of the 80m M/Y Cosmos was successfully laid. Jim Dixon (Director, Yachts and Aviation) and James Russell (Associate, Yacht Exteriors) attended the traditional ceremony for the formal start of the yacht’s construction together with the Heesen team, the... Read more
Heessen Vida, the 55-meter is ready for delivery
Heesen has announced that YN 18455 Vida (formerly known as Project Antares) left Dutch waters heading to the Mediterranean, where it will be delivered to the new owners. Vida underwent rigorous sea trials at the beginning of March, during which it reached a top speed of 16.4 knots. Thanks... Read more
Hot Lab: 100% Italian creativity, with the desire to amaze
Despite their young age, Hot Lab’s talented trio works with many of the biggest names in international boat building. Antonio Romano, Enrico Lumini and Michele Dragoni like to amaze with their Italian elegance and production by Luca Sordelli, photo by Giovanni Malgarini Can you sum up Hot Lab in... Read more