Austin Parker 48 Sundeck, the lobster is BACK…
Austin Parker 48 Sundeck: a few small changes where needed: better use of space above and below deck and a hull which offers excellent performance in terms of speed, acceleration and fuel consumption. Design by Fulvio De Simoni by  Niccolò Volpati Many of them sought a safe place in which... Read more
There’s a Wally in all of us… the editorial by Franco Michienzi – March 2018
Luca Bassani has inspired dozens of designers, who all draw liberally from his philosophy. The Fjord and Pardo saga… by Francesco Michienzi There’s a Wally in all of us. It’s a phrase that fits our industry to a T. One story that has caused widespread astonishment is the saga... Read more
PERSHING 5X, sweetly aggressive
The Pershing 5X ,entry level of Pershing, has a sporty character, which is enhanced by the lines designed by Fulvio De Simoni by Francesco Popia – photo by Alberto Cocchi The Pershing 5X is the meeting point between the character of a young man who is obsessed by speed... Read more