SL102 Asymmetric, an ode to asymmetry SL102 Asymmetric, an ode to asymmetry
Sanlorenzo has got us accustomed to brave and innovative choices: the SL102 Asymmetricis a beautiful confirmation of the company’s approach by Maria Roberta Morso... SL102 Asymmetric, an ode to asymmetry

Sanlorenzo has got us accustomed to brave and innovative choices: the SL102 Asymmetricis a beautiful confirmation of the company’s approach

by Maria Roberta Morso – photo by Fernando Lombardi and Thomas Pagani

WE ARE NATURALLY INCLINED TO APPRECIATE SYMMETRY AS THE PROVIDER OF HARMONY AND BALANCE. That is how it has been since ancient times as far as art and architecture are concerned, and only since the Renaissance has it been considered a bonus. Since it is considered “perfect”, symmetry is the normal choice, the easy one.sanlorenzo

Order, even geometrical order, is felt to be reassuring. However in architecture, asymmetry is used to emphasise some elements above others and in civil engineering it is, of course, the dominant trend. Mirroring can’t be used in a living area, for example. Yacht design is no exception. Interior layouts are necessarily asymmetrical to allow the location of rooms with specific functions (galleys, bathrooms, service rooms) and staircases are located asymmetrically, both internally and externally.

Nevertheless, symmetry is something that people look for in yacht exteriors because of aesthetic balance and there is a tendency to cover up instances where this balance is broken. Side walkways, in particular, are of the same size on each side, since they are elements that have an impact on the yacht’s profile. But there are some other, rare, exceptions.

The first that comes to mind is the 43-metre Chamaleon B, which was launched in 2002, and was designed by Paolo Caliari for Proteksan, followed by Leo Fun and her sister ship Vinydrea, both 53 metres. These were custom-made yachts. With the SL102 Sanlorenzo has bravely, and creatively, applied the concept of asymmetry in a medium-sized, semi-custom boat. The solution of bringing one of the two side walkways on the main deck into a “half wide body” configuration, as was done on the SL102, is brilliant. It adds space, and functionality, and it is designed in such a way as not to betray the unmistakeable Sanlorenzo style. sanlorenzo

The idea came from Chris Bangle and has been developed by Zuccon International Project in a balanced and refined way. The exterior corridor only exists on the starboard side of the SL102, while to port the superstructure shifts laterally and incorporates the space of the corridor.

The reasons for the asymmetry are linked both to the extra room given to the interior spaces, and also to the functionality of the exterior passage that can be used by the crew to reach the stern from the bow and vice-versa, without going through the interior and disturbing the guests.

In this wayan excellent compromise has been found between the widebody configuration, which is very advantageous in terms of usable square metres in a vessel of this size, and those with two external walkways. So, you are able to get around on the exterior of the SL102, and the privacy of the guests, who can enjoy interiors that are larger and have better views, is ensured.

The SL102is a planning yacht, with slender lines and a maximum beam of 7.10m, and adding a few extra square metres inside without affecting exterior circulation is a not inconsiderable advantage. «Asymmetry is fascinating», declared Bernardo Zuccon.

«It is a real challenge and a typological experiment. As an architect trained in residential design, I see all type forms of dwellings as different ways of experiencing a home. In our case, asymmetry is a way of understanding a process of typological identification. The real challenge was not to change the history and tradition of Sanlorenzo by making a mark, but to respect the very strong image the brand and the yachts have, and innovating without losing identity. With regards to naval tradition, we have tried to change things, and to shift the balance. The good fortune of a ship designer has always been that of being able to design half a boat and thencompletely change it. This project changes the consolidated flows and concepts. The other great challenge has been hiding asymmetry. If we had revealed it, or let it be seen and obvious, we would have gone against the perfect equilibrium of the family feeling of the Sanlorenzo range».

From outside, looking at the yacht’s profile, the asymmetry is indeed difficult to spot, since the dark windows that run from forward to aft, on both flanks, create an effect of depth, even where – on the port side – there isactually no depth. You just have to look at the two outlines alongside one another to agree.

The differences can be seen by looking at the yacht from the stern or the bows and, of course, from the inside where, for example the lounge has a few extra square metres and the large window on the port side, which is flush with the hull, offers a priceless view. On the other side, going through a large sliding door takes you to the side walkway and a balcony, which folds down to add further airiness to an area that already does well in that department. The external staircase that goes up from the cockpit to the upper deck can also be seen from the interior through a large dark window.

The steps go through the window and continue into the interior, where they become shelves of varying size. That is a touch of class. And the furnishing of the SL102Le Gypsythat we saw in Cannes, is also very classy. It is designed by Zuccon International Project, who has once again shown great design maturity. It is clear that everyboat in this series can be heavily customised, as is the norm at Sanlorenzo. The main deck has a functional layout with the kitchen on the starboard side and access to the owner’s suite to port.


The owner’s cabin is also asymmetrical, with direct access on the starboard gangway, from where you can reach an external relaxation area. Below decks there are four cabins for guests that open onto a central hall, that is large enough but avoids wasting space. A different layout has been drawn up for the American market, with a country galleyaft on the main deck, which connects through to the dining room, while the owner suite is amidships on the lower deck. In this set-up, there are only three guest cabins, a VIP cabin and two double rooms.

The crew area is in the stern area of the lower deck, and includes three double cabins, the slightly larger one of which is for the captain, and there is also a nice dinette. The bridge is located on a half deck, and can be reached from the lobby of the main deck. It has directaccess to the fly bridge. Large and fitted out with comfortable chairs, a dining area protected by the hard top, the fly bridge is the area set aside for outdoor living.

A staircase at the end of the port side gangway leads to the forward operations area below. On all decks the route taken by the crew has been worked out so that their work running and steering the yacht doesn’t interfere with the guests. That is something you can immediately appreciate when you go on board the yacht.

SL102 Asymmetric
Sanlorenzo (naval architecture and engineering) • Zuccon International Project (Exterior&Interior Design)
HULL Length: 31.10m • Beam: 7.10m • Draught 2.00m • Building material composite • Full load displacement 105 t • Guest cabins 5 • Crew Cabins 3 • Fuel tank volume 12,000 l • Water tank volume 2,000 l  – Maximum speed 28/29 knots • Cruising speed 25/26 knots
MAIN PROPULSION 2 x 16V 2000 M86 2216 hp 1630kW • 2 X 16 V M96 2434 hp 1790kW

Engine Room
Sanlorenzo offers two 16V 2000 M86 MTU engines, developing an outlet mechanical power of 1630 kW/2216 hp each, which allow the yacht a maximum speed of 28 knots and a cruising speed of 25 knots. As an alternative there are two 16V 2000 M96, of 1790 kW/2434 hp, which improve both the maximum and the cruising speed by one knot.

Via Armezzone, 3
I-19031 Ameglia (SP)
tel.+39 0187 6181

(SL102 Asymmetric, an ode to asymmetry – – Luglio 2019)

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