Sanlorenzo 64Steel, the largest one Sanlorenzo 64Steel, the largest one
Thanks to its 1,600 gross tonnes, 64 metres and 5 bridges, the Sanlorenzo 64Steel Attila is the largest Sanlorenzo ever. The naval engineering was... Sanlorenzo 64Steel, the largest one

Thanks to its 1,600 gross tonnes, 64 metres and 5 bridges, the Sanlorenzo 64Steel Attila is the largest Sanlorenzo ever. The naval engineering was the result of the shipyard’s technical office, while Officina Italiana Design and Ufficio Stile Sanlorenzo carried out the external design. The interior design is by Francesco Paszkowski’s studio.

“The most important aspect that has characterized yacht’s concept says Antonio Santella, Vice President Sales & Marketing Superyacht Division of Sanlorenzo – has been the will to obtain continuity between the beach club and an area we could call an “al fresco” veranda, that is the rear part of the Main Deck where the pool is also located, passing along an impressive stairway. The idea behind the layout in fact enables us to integrate the main aft deck and the beach club as much as possible. This characteristic thus enables us to enjoy both areas, around which the social life on board is focused, simultaneously, without separating the guests.”

The interior of Sanlorenzo 64Steel Attila was designed by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini. “We worked full speed with the owner and the shipyard – recalls Francesco Paszkowski – defining a modern space in South American style with natural elements such as teak, near which the owner wanted to add and mix many other materials he loves, and which are part of his personal experience. Attila is the yacht of a man who lives life to the fullest. And lives his yacht.

“Yachts come to life from ideas. These are the ones that gave birth to Attila, our 64 meter yacht, our flagship,” said Antonio Santella.

An entire bridge is dedicated to the owner, with his bedroom facing the bow, to the outside of which opens a large Jacuzzi. There is also the possibility of boarding two giant tenders, of over ten meters, which can also be limousine tender, since the garages offer the necessary height, as in yachts over 80 meters, while the engine room is on two levels.

The maximum real internal beam is 12.5 metres, which is also typical of a yacht of over 70 metres.

The touch and go helipad at the bow, when it is not in use, becomes an extraordinary solarium.

The platform of the 64Steel has been designed so that it can be extended to 70 meters to meet different requirements.

The four guest cabins and the full-beam VIP suite are located on the Main Deck. The crew, housed in the Lower Deck, has private and independent routes with two service stairs and a service lift for the rapid transfer of cold and dry goods into the storage compartments.

Below the Lower Deck is the Tank Deck, which also houses a refrigeration chamber, a refrigerated waste room, multimedia room for the crew, a large laundry room and an air-conditioned “wine cellar” with a capacity of up to 500 bottles.


Length overall                               f.t. 64,25 m

Maximum beam                           13 m

Decks n°                                         6

Gross tons                                      1600 GRT

Main Propulsion                           Caterpillar 3516C

Engines                                           2 x 2.375 CV

Max speed                                    17 knots

Power unit                                     Caterpillar C9.1

Power                                            2 x 200 kW +1 x 250 kW

Class                                                X A1 { Commercial Yachting Service X AMS

Naval engineering                        Sanlorenzo

Exterior design                              Officina Italiana Design / Sanlorenzo Style Division

Interior design                              Francesco Paszkowski Design

Materials                                       Steel hull and alloy superstructure

Construction                                  Sanlorenzo Superyacht

(Sanlorenzo 64Steel, the biggest of all –