Rossinavi, here’s how the infinity range will be Rossinavi, here’s how the infinity range will be
The Infinity range designed by Fulvio De Simoni for Rossinavi will be exclusively sold by Camper & Nicholsons. There are three base models, from 42 to 69 metres long,... Rossinavi, here’s how the infinity range will be

The Infinity range designed by Fulvio De Simoni for Rossinavi will be exclusively sold by Camper & Nicholsons. There are three base models, from 42 to 69 metres long, with naval architecture by Arrabito Naval Architects

by Fabio Massimo Bonini

 IT IS THE SECOND DAY OF WHAT IS IN MY VIEW ONE OF THE BEST BOAT SHOWS, the Palm Beach show in Florida. It is an unmissable event; the location is the historic Palm Beach Yacht Club, which was founded in 1890, and where everything exudes yachting and the ocean, and where the star was one of the most interesting creations of recent years: the new Infinity concept by Rossinavi.


Amongst those present were Federico Rossi, along with Fulvio De Simoni – who added the magic touch in design –and the entire topbrass from Camper & Nicholsons, who will handle marketing. The boat is really something to be seen, it is enormous and very fast, but I should leave my own opinions aside and have the central figures talk about it, starting with Federico Rossi:

«This project has its origins in a long and careful look at the American market, especially Florida and the Caribbean, where what people need is a boat with limited draught and good protection from the sun. One of the big issues was designing the Infinityproject with pleasing, sporty lines, built in aluminium with high performance – and it was there that the work of Fulvio De Simoni came into play, as he managed to do everything that we had hoped for. Just look at the largest boat, which is 69 metres long and has four decks, with the fourth bridge nearly disappearing into the waterlines – a typical feature of a displacement boat. We have used the same solutions on the 59 and 42 metre boats. All of them are backed by fast displacement hulls, and aredesigned for three kinds of speed: long range with 15-knot cruising speed, fast cruising speed of 19 knots and a top speed of 21. The draught is between six and eight feet».

How would you describe a typical Rossinavi owner? «A young owner, with a sporty approach and who does not tolerate much compromise. Indeed, we are a “fully custom made” yard and we are able to bring together needs and execution. Our owners are complex clients with many requirements, and they don’t just buy boats as a status symbol, butrather because they are following their ambition».

Fulvio De Simoni


Fulvio De Simoni, what are the invisible features that make these boats unique?«These lines, that I think are particularly fluid and well executed, manage to mask very substantial internal volumes. You can appreciate this in the largest of the boats, which has four decks. Four-deck boats are normally even bigger than this, and feel a bit like a“fortress”. Our boats aren’t lacking anything that traditional boats of that size have in terms of volume, and additionally there is a series of innovations from an architectural point of view… they are all very innovative».

Fabrizio Scerch, US Managing Director of Camper & Nicholsons, spoke to me enthusiastically about all of the design stages. «Our partnership stems from knowing Federico Rossi personally. This concept stems from our friendship. Given my previous experience working for a yard in the American market, and the first sales made there, everything began with a meeting, a brainstorming session that then became a design brief. At the end of this brief there were characteristics that emerged that were indispensable in the American market. It was there that Rossinavi made a real effort at the construction stage, such as for example keeping the traditional propellers above the keel level because, especially in Florida, touching the bottom is not so much a possibility as a certainty. Its fundamental features also include speed, with the option of going very fast and also having transatlantic range. I am really happy with how it is has turned out, and I am sure that it will be very easy to describe this project to potential clients».

What are your expectations from the market, given that there is also a lot of choice out there? «Substantial, one of the limits thatwe had identified during the initial phases was that the market is full of used boats and boats that are being built“on spec”. There are currently 94 boats of over 35 metres that are being built speculatively by yards. But because of a real effort by theyard to invest in engineering on the 42 and 50-metre boats, waiting times will all be reduced. From signing the contract to delivery will be less than two years for the 50-metre, and a year and a half for the 42-metre boat».

(Rossinavi, here’s how the infinity range will be – – Luglio 2019)


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