Rosetti Superyachts, a really big challenge Rosetti Superyachts, a really big challenge
Rosetti Superyachts, led by Fulvio Dodich, presents a series of projects for boats of 45 to 85 metres in length. The first of these is... Rosetti Superyachts, a really big challenge

Rosetti Superyachts, led by Fulvio Dodich, presents a series of projects for boats of 45 to 85 metres in length. The first of these is an 85-metre supply vessel displacing 2,200 GT, with MTU main engines and a Rolls Royce drive system 

by Francesco Michienzi, photo by Andrea Bernabini

Rosetti Superyachts

85 m Supply Vessel

In order for it to be a success, the plan to create a shipyard super hub bringing together top Italian-made products had to be very precise and clearly defined. Beyond financing, it also required a clear vision of the mission, high-level skills, years of experience, a sprinkling of genius and a touch of madness. Specialisation and continual research are fundamental to ensure the maximum quality and reliability of a complex product like a yacht.

That is the basis on which Rosetti Superyachts was founded by Rosetti Marino SpA, a world leader in planning and building a wide range of commercial ships, from ocean-going tugs and service ships for platforms right up to passenger ships, fitted with the latest propulsion, automation and control systems, and steering aids. The Rosetti Marino Group, which is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, includes 18 companies, 9 subsidiaries and 1,200 employees. In 2016 it posted 213 million euros in revenue.

The company has consolidated its worldwide reputation with its extremely efficient custom-built boats, punctuality in meeting delivery dates and the significant attention paid to after-sales service. Its San Vitale yard, in Ravenna’s harbour, takes up a total area of 240,000 square metres, including jetties, berths and a covered area of around 17,000 square metres, two construction facilities measuring 25 by 100 metres each, and a dry dock of 160 by 25 metres. Up to now the yard has launched 119 ships measuring from 40 to 140 metres.

Fulvio Dodich, a manager with great experience in the international yachting industry who has held important positions at Ferretti Yachts and Sanlorenzo, has been asked to head up Rosetti Superyachts. Dodich is also a partner of the new divisionSuperyachts and which is focussing on leveraging the significant experience the group has in building luxury superyachts, supply vessels and expedition yachts from 40 to 150 metres.

Rosetti Superyachts«We have decided to launch this initiative based on Rosetti Marino’s notable experience, on its solid financial standing, and excellent infrastructure, so as to create high-level superyachts which can be partially or fully customised and at the same time provide innovative solutions and a high level of technical excellence», said Dodich, who is from Ravenna.

«We are also offering Italian-made yachts which are designed and built following the highest technical and security standards, which are qualities that already characterise all of the companies in the Rosetti Marino Group».

To implement this programme, Dodich has chosen the designer Tommaso Spadolini who will develop a fleet of concept boats from 48 to 85 metres. The first of these projects is a 2,200 gt, 85-metre supply vessel.

«It is the most ‘authentic’ boat that I have designed in my 40-year career», said Spadolini. «A fundamental part of the process has been analysing a lot of commercial ships launched by Rosetti up to now. These solid and secure ships have to work uninterruptedly in every weather condition and this is the same DNA that has been integrated into the 85-metre concept ship».

«Another fundamental factor in this project was that it had to be something that could be achieved following design-to-market and design-to-service criteria», said Dodich«I met Tommaso over 20 years ago and we have worked together in developing a project that combined his creativity with my knowledge of what the market wants and which at the same time met the technical requirements for unrestricted usage certification».

Rosetti Superyachts 3This 85-metre boat will be sold in two versions, with the helipad located either amidships or in the stern, and the option of carrying a large tender. The exterior is designed by Spadolini and has very decisive – nearly military – lines which give a feeling of great strength and security. The windows also give the elegant feel of a more glamorous superyacht to the design of an expedition yacht. Because this is a completely customisable project, owners can choose their own designer interiors.

The 85 metre is the largest model of the new yacht range. Rosetti Superyachts has chosen Rolls-Royce as a supplier of solutions which integrate engineering and engines and electronic propulsion and transmission systems.

(Rosetti Superyachts, a really big challenge – – March 2018)

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