Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser, well-designed details  Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser, well-designed details 
A small motorboat with classic lines at an interesting price,  Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser is produced in large numbers, but with notable attention to detail.... Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser, well-designed details 

A small motorboat with classic lines at an interesting price,  Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser is produced in large numbers, but with notable attention to detail. Using a 225 hp Mercury V6 Fourstroke engine we did over  forty knots 

by Luca Sordelli

The Quicksilver brand is American and is part of the giant Brunswick company, which also produces Mercury engines. They are built in Poland, which has become one of the most important centres for working fibreglass. The style is definitely classic, and they look a lot like traditional Mediterranean motor boats.

Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser

In other words: when I saw the new Activ 675 Cruiser tied up at the quay in Cannes I thought that I was looking at a real “world boat”, produced on a large scale to make people all across the world happy. There is an automobile-style website in which you can choose your favourite version and configure the details, which are then passed on to the very extensive international sales network: there are 34 dealers in Italy alone. In short, we are a long way off the old world of nautical craftsmanship, we are now in that of real mass production.

And the price, 55,000 euros, is a further confirmation of that. The boat weighs just over a thousand kilogrammes and is narrow enough to be towed on a trailer. I went on board and I had a good look at it. It is the details that make the difference. I see that a lot of attention has been paid to small things. The boat is made with care, including in details like the interior of the lockers, or even the stitching on the leather. I liked the rounded edges, with no sharp corners. The colours are also well chosen and are very elegant, and the same can be said for many details like the vertical stainless steel bow roller or the dark matte windscreen mount.

Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser

I got the feeling that I was on a boat that was loved by its designer. Production boats, and the fight over pricing that comes with them, mean that savings are invariably sought at the production stage, but this is really not at all obvious on the 675. The American firm has worked hard on this, and it shows. There have been no changes to the deck’s practical functionality and to the performance of the hull, which are still excellent. Quicksilver is very experienced in organising the layout on small boats, and it is difficult to find anything that they have got wrong.Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser

On the Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser  I particularly liked the efficient system to stow away the awning and then get it out again in an instant, the ease with which the sofas turn into sun loungers and how easy it is to get to the bow, thanks to the asymmetric opening in the windscreen.

I tried out the boat on a slightly rough day, with the full power available – 225 hp – fitted, which in this case was a Mercury V6 Fourstroke. It is a light boat, and is a lot of fun to drive, but the waves in the Gulf of Cannes, while not being very high were fairly steep and annoying – so I couldn’t use all of the 6,000 rpm available, stopping just before that at 5,700, which gave 40.4 knots.

The acceleration is also acceptable, and it took less than five seconds to start planning. Ideal cruising speed is around 27 knots at 4,000 revs, at which the American engine only uses 33 litres an hour, and you can travel in complete comfort. The boat took the impact with the waves well, and was precise when turning.

Lastly, the driving position deserves praise: it is comfortable and well protected by the large windscreen, with the levers in just the right place and instruments that are easily readable.

Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser
Shipyard technical department
HULL LOA 6.4 m • Maximum beam 2.46 m • Ligh mass displacement 1234 kg •  Fuel tank volumes 230 l   • Water tank volume 45 l
MAIN PROPULSION 1 Mercury 225 Fourstroke • Outlet mechanical power 168 kW (225 hp) • Number of cylinders 6 V-shaped • Bore & Stroke 92mm X 86mm •  Total swept volume 3.4 l   •  Gear ratio 1.85:1 • Maximal rotational speed 6000/min • Weight 216 kg
PRICE 55,630Ä (Incl.VAT) full optional, equipped with 1 Mercury 225 V6 engine

Brunswick Marine EMEA
Parc Industriel de Petit-Rechain
B-4800 Verviers
[email protected]

Brunswick Marine Italy
Via Liguria 20
I-20068 Peschiera Borromeo
T +39 02 55381.1

(Quicksilver  Activ 675 Cruiser, well-designed details – Barchemagazine.com – Maggio 2019)

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