Pershing 8X, absolute power Pershing 8X, absolute power
We sailed this remarkable boat at a speed of over 48 knots. Designed by Fulvio De Simoni, it has a displacement of 67 tonnes when... Pershing 8X, absolute power

We sailed this remarkable boat at a speed of over 48 knots. Designed by Fulvio De Simoni, it has a displacement of 67 tonnes when fully loaded. It is 25.55 metres long and 5.86 metres wide

by Francesco Michienzi – photo by Alberto Cocchi

 THE PERSHING 8X IS UNDOUBTEDLY A UNIQUE BOAT IN ITS FIELD,and the blend of performance, technology and design did not disappoint during our test run. The engineer Michelangelo Casadei, who accompanied us, said: «We did a lot of research to find the perfect balance between each element of the design. 8Xis the third milestone in the revamped Pershing range. After the entry-level 5Xwith Volvo Penta IPS transmission, and the 9X, featuring innovative technology and design, such as the use of carbon fibre for the superstructure, we got to work on the design for the 8X. The boat has a new hull – the beam is 40 cm longer to increase comfort on board».



The Italian shipyard’s designers and engineers worked particularly hard and with particular attention to detail to achieve the maximum performance with the minimum possible fuel consumption. This considerable challenge began with the hull’s waterlines, designed by Ferretti Engineering Team with Casadei at the helm.  This was not the first time I had steered a Pershing boat, but it is an extremely exciting experience whenever I get the chance. As a journalist, I’ve been lucky enough to test all the models from the Mondolfo-based shipyard, including the legendary 115.

After the standard checks, engine room inspection and checking the fuel levels, we get started. We leave the port at 1,000 revs per minute at 10.2 knots, with nine people on board. We have 2,700 liters of petrol and 700 liters of water on board, with a full equipment list and a freshly cleaned hull. The weather conditions are light winds and a calm sea, with long south-westerly waves. We are powered by a pair of2638 hp MTU engines, both paired with Top System transmissions.


Once the engines have warmed up, we prepare to cruise – we increase the throttle and the revs go up, and we are trimmed in 16 seconds, at 1,900 revs per minute. Then we turn the electronic control levers up to the maximum. The highest speed is achieved by optimising the position of the transmissions using the EasySet system, which automatically adjusts the trim.

The on-board instruments show a speed of 48.3 knots at 2,450 revs, with fuel consumption of 499 liters per hour for each engine. It is undoubtedly an exciting feeling, incomparable to anything else – the boat’s size and your control over something so powerful, offering the chance to steer a fully loaded, 67-tonne vessel, is completely unique.

These performance levels have not been achieved by chance; they stem from serious work from the team at Pershing and the Ferretti Group. The boat is impeccably built, with no vibrations or creaks of any type, and it tackles the sea boldly, without any hesitancy, like a train on its tracks.


We do a 360° turn at 37 knots, with the engines at 2,000 revs, and it takes us 48 seconds, with a diameter of roughly 100 metres. As we hit the waves we have created with our movements it is immediately clear thatthere is no vibration, a sign of a successful hull and deck combination. The keel is gentle on the waves, the acceleration is rapid, the boat remains dry and the windscreen offers excellent protection.

Even when manoeuvring, the EasySet system adjusts everything automatically, and ensures a tilt of no more than around 16° whenever the boat corners. The engine capacity is an excellent indicator of the perfect combination of hull, keel, engines and wonderfully honed propellers. At 1,750 revs it offers the best ratio between consumption and performance; at this level it has a range of almost 310 miles.

We reach the minimum cruise speed at 1,400 revs per minute then, remaining in this position, measure the time it takes to reach top speed. It takes 32 seconds to reach 48.3 knots at 2,450 revs.

Fulvio De Simoni, the designer behind all the Pershings, has introduced some truly innovative stylistic elements. There are more glass surfaces, the windscreen is wider and pillarless, and one of the wings, as well as being a stylistic feature, is also a functional structure, with a staircase leading to the flybridge that completely frees the space previously taken up in the cockpit. This is a good example of the way form and function are perfectly combined in this boat. The Pershing 8X features Music Hull, a system that allows users to listen to music underwater, during diving sessions or while swimming.This innovative solution, developed by the Ferretti Group Engineering Department in collaboration with Videoworks, transforms the hull itself into a loudspeaker that transmits high-definition sound.

Music Hull is managed through the Votis infotainment system, which combines the remote controls for all devices into a single unit. It can be expanded to cover the automation systems for all spaces on board, and can be managed by the owner and guests via smartphone or tablet.

The integration of the control and interface between the engines and drives is supported by a platform developed jointly by Top System with Onyx for the EasySet system and Xenta Systems for the advanced electro-hydraulic steer by wire system, supported by the Naviop-Simrad LOOP for the navigation and monitoring systems. All this is integrated and accessible to the pilot via large natural carbon-fibre panels and touchscreen monitors as large as 24”, framed in Poltrona Frau leather.

Fulvio De Simoni (design) Ferretti Group Engineering Department (Naval architecture)
HULL: LOA 25.55 m Maximum beam 5.86m  • Draft 1.40 m Ligh mass displacement 57 t
Full mass displacement 67 t Fuel tank volumes 6200 l  Water tank volume 1300 l
MAIN PROPULSION: 2 Mtu 16V 2000 M96L Outlet mechanical power 1939 kW Number of cylinders 16 in line Bore & Stroke 135mm x 156mm Total swept volume 35.7 cc Maximal rotational speed 2450/min Weight 3160 kg
CERTIFICATON: EC CATEGORY A RINa Class B + F + Aa (sound emission)

Pershing – Ferretti Group
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61037 Mondolfo (PU) – Italy
Ph: (+39) 0721 956211
Fax: (+39) 0721 956290

 (Pershing 8X, absolute power – – Settembre 2019)

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