Fulvio De Simoni 
The country’s great nautical culture, combined with a unique appreciation of beauty, have made Fulvio De Simoni one of the  best-known styles in the world by Francesco Michienzi The first interview I published with Fulvio De Simoni was back in April 1999, a 16-page article in a 160-page magazine. I dedicated... Read more
Yacht Design, what has happened in the last 10 years?
This is the first of two articles dedicated to the development of yacht design over the last decade. In this issue we look at custom and semi-custom yachts. We will then go on to examine the production boats by Maria Roberta Morso The years fly by rapidly in the world of yachting,... Read more
Giuseppe Bagnardi, from supercars to megayachts
The designer Giuseppe Bagnardi, with stylistic skills honed in the world of hypercars, has created the concept of a 55-metre maxiyacht with lots of interesting elements  by Massimo Longoni In the past, Giuseppe Bagnardi has worked at Bertone, Lamborghini and Volkswagen’s Advanced Design Centre in Braunschweig, Germany, where he... Read more
Pierangelo Andreani. The design? The spark to create in series
Pierangelo Andreani ’s work revolves around widening his horizons. Pragmatic and good at keeping things simple, he always gets  to the heart of a project effortlessly by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello As a young pupil, Pierangelo Andreani was once told off by a teacher with the words:... Read more
Maurizio Borriello, craftsman of the sea 
Maurizio Borriello isn’t just a boat builder. Most of all he is an ethnographer who started to travel the world twenty years ago to have a close look at the construction techniques used in building wooden boats in the Indian Ocean by Carla Pagani photo by Sergio De Riccardis... Read more
Nuvolari Lenard, the courage to create a yacht that will be a classic
Nuvolari Lenard’s  founding Partner, Carlo Nuvolari (on the right in the photo) reflects on the company’s achievements in the world of superyacht design over the last 25 years alongside Dan Lenard in the studio based in Venice by Carlo Nuvolari With 2017 marking our 25th anniversary of working together... Read more
Officina Italiana Design, the factory of beauty
Founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta Officina Italiana Design has made stylistic rigour its trademark, creating boats that have gained iconic status in the international nautical world by Tania Cinelli There are still people who are amazed by the fact that style and design icons Riva boats are thought up and... Read more
Athos Baldacci, I have defeated sea sickness…
Sanlorenzo Adriatic Coast is the dealer of Massimo Perotti’ yard for an area of great passions, which Athos Baldacci and his team interpret with noteworthy energy by Francesco Michienzi photo by Andrea Muscatello, ©Guillaume Plisson Athos Baldacci has been working with boats his entire life thanks to a passion... Read more
Phillippe Briand, father of 12,000 boats…
During his career the French designer Phillippe Briand has designed wonderful boats for the most important yards in the world by Dario Schiavo, photo by ©Gullaume Plisson Very often, when we look at a boat moored in the harbour, on the horizon of the sea, or sailing to win... Read more
Easy Walk 45’ by Vittorio Garroni

When dreaming of living in freedom, ploughing the waves and setting out to discover the unknown, I have often found myself – as a designer of sailing and motor boats – putting myself into the feet of those who share this same enthusiasm

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