Umberto Tagliavini, the passion for boats. The real ones …
Marine Design carries out all aspects of design, both for the yachting sector and for technical and work boats, Umberto Tagliavini is a real specialist when it comes to fast hulls by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello In the right place at the right time. In the... Read more
Carla Demaria, Monte Carlo Yachts: adaptive evolution
Carla Demaria has taken Monte Carlo Yachts from zero to a 72 million euro turnover in just ten years in business. She has invested all her energy in creating a team, which can best interpret the values that she believes in and which is able to meet new challenges... Read more
Gianluca Adragna Yacht Design Studio
We met Gianluca Adragna and his team. This versatile group take on every aspect of boat design, from sailing to motor vessels, while also embracing the world of military and working boats. They stand out for their ability to follow the project from beginning to end, from the first... Read more
Valerio Rivellini, nothing is impossible…
A great love of the sea is the driving force behind Studio Tecnico Valerio Rivellini, which specialises in engineering, yacht design, refitting and composite materials  by Carla Pagani Certain designer objects make an impression on us as soon as we see them. We are struck and captivated by them, without... Read more
Andrea Agrusta, NavalHead 
Emerging young talents with clear ideas, Andrea Agrusta heads a team of designers that is making a name for itself thanks  to its originality, reasoning and passion. Innovation is key by Luca Sordelli photo by Andrea Muscatello Clear ideas. Andrea Agrusta welcomes me to his studio in central Trieste and overwhelms me... Read more
Chris Kavanaugh, weathering the storm 
We met Chris Kavanaugh, the owner of Vivace, a Monte Carlo Yachts 86’, at the Miami Boat Show. He’s sailed the boat in some treacherous conditions by Fabio Bonini Chris Kavanaugh describes himself as a spirited man who loves to live life to the full; someone who likes beautiful objects, fast cars,... Read more
Carapace Yacht/Submarine, hybrid category
The Carapace project by Elena Nappi explores the submarine/luxury yacht relationship, and studies its interrelationships with the aim of achieving one product, which is a hybrid in terms  of structure and shape by Elena Nappi This study is the result of my degree in Naval Architecture and it is intended... Read more
Enrico Gobbi: this is how my Team for Design works 
Creativity, collaboration, team work, but also a lot of inspiration from the world of 20th century architecture, those are the ingredients which characterise  the work of Enrico Gobbi and his team by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello «A good designer starts from a hand-drawn design. It is with a pencil... Read more
Italo Svevo? Writer, but also producer of antifouling…
As well as being a famous writer, Italo Svevo was also a company director. Part of the success of Veneziani’s antifouling products is down to him  by Niccolò Volpati Let’s start from the end. The First World War is over and Italo Svevo can now devote himself fully to... Read more
Sergio Cutolo, romantic engineer
Sergio Cutolo a part-engineer, part-philosopher, with a friendly demeanour and an extraordinary passion for sailing who, with his team at Hydro Tec, designs every single aspect of the boat, from the hull to the tiniest design details by Luca Sordelli – photo by Andrea Muscatello He has a different... Read more