Luca Bassani: the yacht design today? More shape, less performance
The President of Wally, Luca Bassani, talks about nautical design reflecting on what happened and, above all, on what has not happened in the last ten years. The real change, for the future, seems to come from below … by Luca Bassani Some iconic designs are taken as a... Read more
The Idea Factory, the portrait of contemporary italian yacht design
What’s The Idea Factory? 290 pages, over a thousand images, 28 between designers and design studios that tell the story of contemporary Italian yacht design. An unmissable volume for all those who love boats, the sea and nautical design. The Made in Italy design is equivalent to excellence, luxury... Read more
Zuccon International Project, form and function in the yacht design
We met Bernardo and Martina Zuccon, Zuccon International Project: this duo are a perfect example of how to transform ideas into something tangible. Different yet complementary, these talented young architects have already demonstrated their prowess with a number of successful projects by Francesco Michienzi – photo by Andrea Muscatello Humans and their relationship... Read more
Ezequiel Farca, eclectic design and love for the sea
The step from the interior design of a home to that of a boat is a short one for Ezequiel Farca, eclectic and open-minded Mexican designer who loves working with light and materials by Francesca Portoghese, photo by Jaime Navarro and Quin Bisset  Ezequiel Farca welcomed us aboard the... Read more
Alberto Galassi, we like challenges
The Managing Director of the Ferretti Group, Alberto Galassi, paints a very positive picture of his first few years in charge of the company by Francesco Michienzi photo by Alberto Cocchi, Stefano Mazzola and Maurizio Paradisi A successful leader definitely has very clear ideas about goals and the strategies needed... Read more
The nautical design according to Vittorio Garroni Carbonara
Vittorio Garroni Carbonara offers us an interesting view on the development of nautical design. His disenchanted vision includes a number of criticisms, as well as being packed with areas for reflection by Vittorio Garroni Carbonara* The Great Financial Crisis spread across the world, from West to East, between 2007... Read more
Hot Lab: 100% Italian creativity, with the desire to amaze
Despite their young age, Hot Lab’s talented trio works with many of the biggest names in international boat building. Antonio Romano, Enrico Lumini and Michele Dragoni like to amaze with their Italian elegance and production by Luca Sordelli – photo by Giovanni Malgarini Can you sum up Hot Lab... Read more
h3o Yacht Design, a different approach
h3o Yacht Design  has a different approach, looking at things from a different angle. Founded by Andrea Colli and Mario Bonelli, h3o is a versatile design studio that deals with motor and sailing boats, both large and small,  as well as leisure and working vessels. All its designs are highly... Read more
Alessandro Inno: the art of design, between ancient and modern
Ino Group was established in Rome in 1998 by Alessandro Inno with a view to achieving an effective blend of form and function in every design by Carla Pagani Upon entering Alessandro Inno’s studio, you realise immediately that his work consists of a mixture of tradition and innovation. A hand-drawn design sits... Read more
Camillo Garroni, I bring families to sail. All over the world…
Garroni Design, the studio headed by Camillo Garroni boasts a lengthy partnership with Jeanneau and Prestige. It has numerous major projects to its name, including some in the commercial shipbuilding sector by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello «If it were up to my father, I would never have finished working my... Read more