Oceanco 90M Dar, a magnificent Gift… Oceanco 90M Dar, a magnificent Gift…
With exteriors by Luiz De Basto, naval architecture by Oceanco and Azure and interiors by Valentina Zannier of the Nuvolari Lenard design studio, Daris... Oceanco 90M Dar, a magnificent Gift…

With exteriors by Luiz De Basto, naval architecture by Oceanco and Azure and interiors by Valentina Zannier of the Nuvolari Lenard design studio, Daris a yacht that is extraordinary in terms of both size and design

by Maria Roberta Morso

Oceanco is one of the few yards in the world which can build very large size yachts, and over the past few years it has launched a series of vessels that will leave their mark in the history of yacht design. This year it has produced, in addition to Dar which we are covering in this article, the Black Pearl,a 106.70 meter long superyacht with three rotating masts designed by a star-studded team consisting of Ken Freivokh, Nuvolari Lenard, BMT Nigel Gee and Gerard P. Villat, while last year it was the turn of Jubilee, 110 metres in length, from Lobanov Design with interiors by Sam Sorgiovanni.


The external lines are majestic, but they aren’t heavy because Luiz De Basto has designed Dar (the former Project Shark) with decisive and sinuous shapes which are emphasised by very effective colour contrasts. The very slender and aggressive bow gives the overall design exceptional dynamism.


Viewed from outside, the integration between the decks is clear, and that contributes to putting together a silhouette that is curved and thin. The latest glass working techniques have allowed the designer to include huge glass surfaces that ensure a visual continuity between interior and external areas.

Dar’s slender outline, without any sideways except for the terraces that allow the owner to move from deck to deck, wraps around some extremely generously sized interiors. And the external areas of the various decks, both fore and aft, are also generously sized.

Dar’s interiors are elegant, and the obsessive attention to detail is sublime. And you shouldn’t think that what I am saying is part of that kind of grand verbiage that too often burdens the description of large yachts. In this case, it is practically impossible to be sedate about your views of Dar, and when describing it, because it is an exceptional “product” and deserves to be treated as such.


If we accept the translation of Nabokov’s novel, the translation of “dar” is “gift”, and indeed this yacht definitely represents a great gift for the many people who have been involved in the design and execution of the project.

I was accompanied on board Darby the head of interior design, Valentina Zannier, who, as well as giving me explanations about decisions taken on styling, materials and shapes, also put over all the enthusiasm and pride at having the privilege of producing such a complicated project.

She and her team have designed everything, from general shapes to furniture, ornamental features, the bas-reliefs, and selected all the materials used. Both Dar’s external lines and interior design are inspired from organic shapes linked to nature in general, with special attention paid to marine fauna.


Cascades of flowers, butterflies, seaweed, feathers and fish are drawn in every aspect of the design, from the wallpaper to the bas-reliefs in leather, metal, to the glass artworks. Yet all these minute details don’t look fussy.Light colours, even very light ones, predominate, both in the woods and the textiles, leathers and other materials used on board, as was expressly requested by the owner, who also left a lot of creative freedom to the designer.

Small dark touches here and there stress the design of the parquet flooring, and frame doors and windows, creating geometric designs. The very refined and complex design is nevertheless also very relaxing thanks to the softness of shapes and colours, and it creates welcoming environments, both in the communal areas and in those set aside for guests and the owner.

An entire deck is completely set aside for the owner’s apartment, which is completed with a bow terrace with swimming pool. Six suites, two of them VIP and four doubles, are available for guest use.


The heart of the interior areas is the large living room on the main deck, and that on the upper deck, which is dominated by windows that are 2.30 metres high. The external areas available for guests include plenty of areas for relaxation, including a large stern terrace with a swimming pool on the upper deck.

There is, of course, a helipad. There is also a large wellness area, with sauna, Turkish bath and a gym where even the weights are custom made. Dar fully embraces the concept that luxury equates to uniqueness.


We were very grateful to Oceanco and to the owner who allowed us both to make this visit on board and to take a series of pictures of both the exterior and interior. We have respected the owner’s request for privacy, and we have not described the internal layout in detail, nor will we publish the master plans or pictures of the private areas.

Luiz De Basto Designs (Exterior design) • Valentina Zannier/Nuvolari Lenard (Interior design & decor) • Oceanco/Azure (naval architecture)
HULL: Length 90m • Beam 14.20m • Draft about 4.00m • Building material steel/aluminium • 2.926GT Guest berths 14 • Crew berths 31
MAIN PROPULSION:2 x Mtu 20V4000 M73 4.828 hp – Maximum speed 20 knots
CERTIFICATIONLloyd’s Register of Shipping •Malta Cross 100A1 SSC Yacht Mono G6 Malta Cross LMC UMS SCM ECO-IHM IBS

Marineweg 1 & 5
2952 BX Alblasserdam
T: +31 78 699 5399
F: +31 78 699 5398
[email protected]

 (Oceanco 90M Dar, a magnificent Gift – Barchemagazine.com – Febbraio 2019)

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