Marlin 24 X: originality in power, even in the FB version Marlin 24 X: originality in power, even in the FB version
Always very particular in the design and in the Marlin 24 X lines is the outboard version of the SR version with stern drive... Marlin 24 X: originality in power, even in the FB version

Always very particular in the design and in the Marlin 24 X lines is the outboard version of the SR version with stern drive .  The deck is a bit more traditional than the one, but the performances are practically the same, even with 100 hp less

by Niccolò Volpati, photo by Andrea Muscatello

It is definitely very sensual. There is no doubt about that. Perhaps it won’t become as iconic as Marilyn Monroe, but it is the shape of the Marlin 24 that has got it noticed. The first version was called “SR”. This is the second, and carries the letter “X”. The main difference between them lies in the power unit: a stern drive on the SR and an outboard for the Marlin 24 X.

Marlin 24 X

It still has the original feel of being a kind of pneumatic bow rider. The outlines give us a very large bow, set up with a large sun lounger. That is thanks to the 178 cm internal width, which remains unchanged, or slightly less, as you go to the bow roller.

The deck is different from the previous model that carries the inboard-outboard. In some ways it is a bit more traditional. In the middle there is the driving console, inside which, if you like, you can install a toilet. The helmsman’s seat has two places, and the back can be taken down. That means that the entire stern can be turned into a living area.

There is a sofa with a table, and with the addition of the pilot’s seat, you get a comfortable area for eight people. The table can of course have its height adjusted, and so you can have another sun lounger instead of the seats. This is also decidedly large: 150×170 cm, so a real sun lounger, comfortable for two people.

Marlin 24 X

The officially-declared length, at 6.6 metres, doesn’t change, but overall length does. From seven and a half metres it decreases to 7.25 metres because the stern platform for the outboard is smaller than that needed for the stern drive. The weights involved also change. The boat is lighter and can use motors that range from a minimum of 150 to a maximum of 250 horsepower. We tested the one with the lower power output.

The very significant advantage lies in reducing fuel use. From 15 to 35 litres per hour you get a wide range of cruising speeds, from 15 to around 30 knots. The range also increases, given that the 230-litre tank capacity is similar to that of the previous version. Before it was just ten litres less, but with an engine that was thirstier. If we say that we use 30 litres an hour, at just under 30 knots, it’s an easy calculation to do.

You can do 200 nautical miles in seven hours. That is enough so that you don’t have to worry. What surprised me was the speed and acceleration.  We started planing in around four seconds, which for the less powerful engine that can be installed is a really notable figure. And nor is the top speed to be frowned at.

Over 36 knots, which with the current going the right way can nearly reach 38. It is a Marlin hull and so, as can be expected, it handles very well. The rounded bow is never a problem. It is an agile boat, which is easy to steer, which never gets you wet and is perfectly trimmed. And the step in the middle of the hull helps to increase the boat’s smoothness. That feature is essential to contain the power of the outboard engine.

Marlin 24 X

The 150 hp has a further undisputed advantage. It helps to ensure that the price is not too high. So essentially the Marlin 24 X provides performance in terms of speed and acceleration which is very similar to what the 4.5 litre inboard-outboard engine fitted on the SR version produced and yet consumes less fuel, in part because there is less power.

But the range is larger and it is less noisy, despite the fact that the motor isn’t housed in the engine compartment. People who want even better performance only have to add the extra 100 horsepower that the transom can take, and get to the maximum power that can be installed with the outboard, so 250 hp.

Marlin 24 X
Stefano Selva
Hull: LOA 7.25m • Approval length 6.60m • Inside Length 6.00m • Maximum beam 2.98m • Inside beam 1.78m • Tube’s diameter 0.58m •Compartments 5 •Tube’s material Hypalon Neoprene 1300 gr/m2•Light displacement 850 kg • Fuel tank volume 230 l • Water tank volume 40 l • Max power rated 250 hp
Main propulsion: Selva Killer Whale 150 XSR • Outlet mechanical power 110.3 kW (150 hp) • 4 stroke DOHC 16 valves • 4 cylinders in line • Swept volume 2.670 cc • Bore & Stroke 94mm x96,2mm • Maximal rotational speed 5000/min 6000/min • Dry weight 216 kg
EC Certification:  CAT. C 14 people
Price:Starting from 37,250€ – (Excl. VAT) – Bare boat

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I-22070 Luisago (CO)
+39 031 889866
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(Marlin 24 X – –  Maggio 2019)

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