Leasing contract, the Appeal Court ruling
The Supreme Court of Appeal confirmed that a leasing contract should be classed as a financial lease and that the law was not broken by Federico Santini* THE SUPREME COURT OF APPEAL, SECTION V, has issued two judgements, numbers 9590 and 9591, both dated 5/04/2019, on the issue of... Read more
Lloyd’s Open Form, the rules of salvage
The Lloyd’s Open Form 2011 (LOF) is the most recent version of the standard salvage contract drawn up by Lloyd’s Register of London by Federico Santini* THE FIRST VERSION OF THE Lloyd’s Open Form (LOF) dates back from over a century and has been revised on a number of... Read more
Rescue at sea and the International Salvage Convention
This issue continues the analysis of rescue at sea , the rules of which are laid down by the International Salvage Convention that was signed in London on 28thApril 1989 and which came into force in Italy on 14thJuly 1996 by Federico Santini* THESE INTERNATIONAL RULES TAKE PRE- CEDENCE... Read more
The rules of salvage
A very important area of maritime law covering accidents at sea is salvage, which is currently regulated by the International Salvage Convention and whose rules prevail over the domestic law of each adherent country by Federico Santini* IN A RECENT ISSUE WE LOOKED AT THE ISSUE OF ACCIDENTS AT... Read more
The infringement Procedure
News from the EU Commission about the infringement proceedings opened against Italy in the yachtingsector by Federico Santini* WITH A MEMORANDUM ISSUED ON JULY 25, 2019 THE EU COMMISSIONstated that on that date it had taken further steps to end “illegal” tax breaks in the yachting industries in Italy... Read more
UK Ship Register News
Three years have passed since the Brexit vote and, as many people predicted, there is still complete uncertainty over the future of relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union in all sectors including what interests us here, the yachting sector by Federico Santini* EVERYBODY IS AWARE THAT... Read more
Yacht outside the EU, this is how temporary admission works
The Central Legislative Department of the Customs Agency has provided someimportant clarifications on the temporary admission of yachts from outside the EU by Federico Santini* WITH A RECENT MEASURE ON THE SITUATION REGARDING the temporary admission of yachts flying flags of countries outside the EU, the Central Legislative Department of the... Read more
Refitting and repairing: the shipowner’s main obligations
We will now look at the owner’s main obligations when refitting and repairing a yacht, according to the ICOMIA contract by Federico Santini* THE ANALYSIS OF THEICOMIA refit/repair contract form begun in previous months concludes with a review of the main obligations which the owner undertakes vis-a-vis theshipyard by... Read more
The clauses of the refit contract
Main clauses of the ICOMIA standard yacht refit/repair contract by Federico Santini* Recently we looked at yacht refitting and repair; we emphasised the fact that this particular area of the maritime industry has seen constant growth and that as a consequence various standard forms of refitting contracts have been... Read more
The refit contracts, how do they work?
 Let’s have a look at the yacht refitting and repair contract according to the ICOMIA contract model.  by Federico Santini* As shown by the latest CNA report on the yachting industry (Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa) in April 2018, the Refit & Repair industry has... Read more