Karnic SL 800, the sea close at hand   Karnic SL 800, the sea close at hand  
Small, agile and safe, the Karnic SL 800 is the ideal vessel to introduce even  the least expert to the yachting world. Below there are... Karnic SL 800, the sea close at hand  

Small, agile and safe, the Karnic SL 800 is the ideal vessel to introduce even  the least expert to the yachting world. Below there are two berths and a bathroom. It handles well, even in rough seas

di Luca Sordelli, photo by Andrea Muscatello

To broaden the base and make yachting “easy”. But how can that be achieved? This is an issue that people have always argued about. What is the right way to involve people who like the sea, so as to create a new, real core of yachtsmen and women? Leaving for another time the long, complicated and tedious argument over what could be the right political and administrative moves to meet this aim, it should however be stressed that, as far as companies are concerned, the right road to take would be to come up with intelligent products and sales policies.


That is what Selva has always done. It doesn’t just produce outboards and engine transmission parts for the world’s largest constructors, but also comes up with packages for ribs and fibreglass boats, which can get less expert people involved and bring them into the yachting world. A perfect example of this policy is the partnership with Karnic, for which it has an exclusive sales agreement in Italy.

Karnic is a shipyard founded in Cyprus in 1993. It produces over three hundred boats a year. It offers six ranges: Smart, Open, Storm, SL, Bluewater, Cruiser, and twenty different models. Starting from the Smart 1, 4.9 meters overall length, right up to the 2965 Cruiser Line, which is 10.30 meters long. Only the largest models of the Bluewater and Cruiser lines are powered by sterndrive engines; while the majority of the output is equipped with outboards that Selva fits in versions ranging from 40 to 250 horsepower.

We tried one of their most interesting models, the SL 800, which is the ideal tool to get families into yachting: just over eight meters long, reasonably priced, with a small cabin, a bathroom and an extremely functional deck set-up. It is also a boat with very good seafaring qualities. We were able to see this in a double testing session, the first during a day of strong libeccio wind just off Genoa harbour, with waves of nearly two metres and a stiff wind, and then on a calm morning off Saint Tropez.


In both cases, there were two outboard 250 hp Selva Blue Whales on the transom. Let’s start with the more difficult of the two experiences: the small Karnic carried it off with great aplomb, and I could appreciate the feeling of solidity that the boat continues to have when it bounces on the waves, and also the good protection that the windscreen provides from the waves. The double steering seats also worked well, and provide a comfortable and stable position both sitting down and when standing.



The Karnic SL 800 has a minimum planning speed of around 15/16 knots, exactly the speed you can hold in this kind of weather and sea conditions, which are the kind of thing that no prudent man would have chosen to take his family into, but that you can always end up happening upon.

The answer that I had was that even when “the going gets tough”, the Karnic continues to do its job, and reacts well both to changes in direction and to the continuous work on the throttle that you have to do in situations like that. As you can imagine, everything becomes easier when the water is calm and the wind subsides. When it was like that I was able to enjoy the good qualities of a hull that even took me beyond the fateful threshold of 45 knots, with work on the trim, and we reached 6,100 rpm.

Fuel consumption clearly becomes noticeable when you do that, and each of the Selva 250 engine was using around 85 litres an hour. It does decidedly better at cruising speed, 27 knots, with the flow metre going down to around 30 litres an hour. But the best possible levels are to be found at the economy cruising speed, which the hull-engine duo show off at 3,500 rpm and 20 knots, when fuel usage goes down to around 22 litres an hour.

Proving that the Karnic SL 800 is a boat that is 100% designed for cruising, but isn’t nevertheless lazy in personality, are the data relating to acceleration: less than seven seconds are needed to start planning, and not much more than sixteen to reach top speed.

(Karnic SL 800, the sea close at hand – Marzo 2019)

Shipyard technical department
HULL LOA 9.2m • Length 7.98m • Maximum beam 2.96m • Draft 0.43m – Ligh mass displacement 2680 kg • Fuel tank volumes 400 l • Water tank volume 90 l
MAIN PROPULSION 2 Selva Blue Whale • Outlet mechanical power 183.9 kW (250 hp) • 6 V-shaped cylinders • Bore & Stroke 94mm X 80.5mm • Total swept volume 3.352 l  Maximal rotational speed 6000/min • Weight 278 kg
PRICE € 150.811 Included VAT EXW

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