ISA ALLOY 43m AGORA III, heading for the Land of the Rising Sun ISA ALLOY 43m AGORA III, heading for the Land of the Rising Sun
The first Alloy 43, designed entirely byLuca Dini and launched by ISA Yachts in March, has left Ancona and is already en route to... ISA ALLOY 43m AGORA III, heading for the Land of the Rising Sun

The first Alloy 43, designed entirely byLuca Dini and launched by ISA Yachts in March, has left Ancona and is already en route to Japan

by Maria Roberta Morso – photo by Maurizio Paradisi

THE ISA BRAND, PART OF THE PALUMBO FAMILY, alongside Columbus Yachts and other brands like Mondomarine, today offers a vast choice of models, some of which have stylistic features and elements that clearly recall the Ancona-based boatyard’s past.

The Palumbo Superyachts Group has an extensive product range in the semi-custom sector, and the individual ISA models Classic, Gran Turismo, Sport and Super Sportivo all come in a range of sizes. The Classiccollection, designed by Enrico Gobbi/Team For Design, comes in 43, 50, 57and 65 metre versions; the 45, 50and 67 metre Gran Turismo– also by Enrico Gobbi – have an aggressive and dynamic design; and another Gobbi project, the fibreglass Sport 120, is a revamped version of theISA 120.

In addition, there are the Supersportivo 121and 141, fibreglass boats designed by Marco Casali, and Extra, built in Ancona but under its own independent brand, designed by Francesco Guida. The first76’ made its debut at the boat shows in autumn 2018, while two86’boats, with rather different technical specifications, are currently under construction, along with a 93’.  An Extra Alloy 130is also currently being built in the shipyard in Savona, and is due to be launched during the summer.

The ISA range is rounded off by a rather ambitious project: Crossbow, designed by Sergio Cutolo/Hydro Tec. This is a 100-metre aluminium yacht, with an ultra-streamlined design and a great deal of attention paid to efficiency. All of these steel and aluminium models are joined by the Alloy 43, a 100% aluminium semi-displacement boat designed by Luca Dini.

The 43-metre Agora III is the first boat in the Alloy 43series, with a sleek, dynamic design and equally impressive performance. Its profile is highlighted by long, black windows that run seamlessly from the stern to the bow, both on the main deck and on the upper deck, where theytaper off, disappearing into the aft structures that house the air vents.

Driven by two MTU 12V2000M96 engines, which provide 1,432kW  each at 2450 rpm, the Alloy 43 has an estimated maximum speed of 19 knots and a cruising speed of 18 knots. At a more economical 12 knots, the yacht can easily travel 3,800 nautical miles. The naval architecture is the work of Francesco Rogantin, in collaboration with the Palumbo Superyachts technical department.

In line with its sporty character and slender design, the Alloy 43 Agora III has an 8.1 m beam and a full-beam configuration on the main deck only, from amidship forwards. This section of the superstructure has a large galley at the centre, flanked on the left by a corridor for the crew that allows them to access the steering station on the upper deck without coming into contact with guests.

This wide service passageway also contains the washing machines and dryers, a fridge and a freezer. Between the galley and the saloon, again on the left, there is a large pantry, making serving the main dining room easier.

At the bow, the master suite is large and well-equipped. It is accessed along a passageway that features a small office area, and which also leads to a large dressing room. The cabin has relaxation areas on both sides, a sofa and a beautiful chaise-longue, as well as a marble-clad bathroom. Between the sitting and dining areas of the main saloon there are five large cuboid columns, with ample storage space inside.

This striking architectural solution separates thet wo areas without completely dividing them, and provides useful space for storing crockery and other items. The furnishings and furniture are soft, elegant and relaxing, sophisticated without being ostentatious. On both sides, two small fold-down balconies in front of the full-height windows in the social area expand the horizon and, while they are of a modest size, they nevertheless expand the feeling of space and openness towards the surrounding marine environment.

The saloon also opens up onto a spacious cockpit, fitted with comfortable armchairs. The same style is seen in the panoramic sitting-room on the upper deck, where the living area can be converted into a cinema room thanks to a large retractable TV screen.

The inside of the sky lounge, with the windows at the stern open, combines with the terrace, partially sheltered by the overhang of the sundeck, to form a single space. The dining area has been installed in this section of the deck, while further aft there are armchairs and sunbeds.

The rearmost part of the ship can also be protected from the sun thanks to an awning that retracts into the superstructure. This deck is home to the owner’s cabin, located next to the steering gear, which is found at a lower level, a few steps down. The steering gear’s windscreen slopes steeply, reflecting the sporty character of the Alloy 43.

The positioning of the steering gear on an intermediate level does not affect the height of the guest rooms on the main deck, as it sits above the pantry and various service rooms. Remaining inside and going down to the lower deck, the four guest cabins are located amidships – two double cabins, and two twin cabins with bunk beds.

The rest of the deck is dedicated to the crew’s quarters, to the bow, comprising three cabins and adinette. In total, seven crew members take care of Agora III and a maximum of twelve guests, including the owners.

As well as the outdoor spaces already mentioned, guests can also access a beach club from the cockpit. Here an inside space, with all themod cons, including a dressing room and bathroom, opens up onto a large beach through a door at the stern.

There is no garage for a tender on Agora III, and the service dinghy is stored in a recessed, covered compartment aft of the upper deck, from where it is launched and hauled using a small crane.


PROJECT: Palumbo Superyachts/Studio Rogantin (Naval Architecture and Engineering) • Luca Dini (Esternal and Internal Design)
HULL: Length 43 m • Waterline length 37.50 m – Beam 8.10 m • Draft 2.30m • Building material Aluminium • Full load displacement 260t • Gross Tonnage 378GT • Guest cabins 5 • Crew cabins 5 • Fuel tank volume 48,000 l • Water tank volume 6,000 l • Maximum speed 19 knots • Cruising speed 18 knots • Range at 12 knots 3,800nm
MAIN PROPULSION: Twin Mtu 12V2000M96L 1432kW @2450/min
STABILIZERS: Twin Zero Speed fins
CERTIFICATION: ABS X A1 Commercial Yachting Service X AMS X ACCU COMPL.LY3

Palumbo Superyachts Ancona S.r.l
via Enrico Mattei 14 /
I-60125 Ancona/Italy

(Giugno 2019)

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