Ilumen 28 Cadet V, absolutely  tailor made Ilumen 28 Cadet V, absolutely  tailor made
We tested the Cadet V, which is almost identical to the Kalienteand Zalanka, but with V-drive in-line transmissions. Powered with two Man engines of... Ilumen 28 Cadet V, absolutely  tailor made

We tested the Cadet V, which is almost identical to the Kalienteand Zalanka, but with V-drive in-line transmissions. Powered with two Man engines of 1200 hp each, the yacht travels at a top speed of over 20 knots 

by Francesco Michienzi – photo by Mark Sims

This type of boat tends to be purchased by people who like to spend their free time far removed from frenzied consumerism and the fast pace of everyday life, instead preferring to relax with their loved ones. Their lifestyle might be perceived as somewhat unconventional. Rather than being ends unto themselves, fun and pleasure become opportunities to express a profound sphere of values. Within this context of freedom and leisure, the tool that fulfils this need becomes fundamentally important.

Ilumen 28 Cadet V, 100% tailor made -

This understatement can truly be achieved with the Cadet V, a 28-m Ilumen yacht. This boat has a decisive personality, a eurhythmy between inside and out that places it outside fashions like its owners, who share a love of the sea, while enjoying the total relaxation offered by Dominator Yachts.

Andrea Agrusta of NavalHEAD, the man behind the naval architecture and the engineering, designed the Dominator High Performance Hull that has a hard chine shape with a “blade” bulbous bow, developed to offer optimal resistance at all semi-displacement and semi-planing speeds. The waterlines guarantee top performances in terms of seakeeping, reducing rolling and pitching to a minimum while also ensuring a high level of on-board safety and comfort at all speeds and in all weather conditions.


We have already had the pleasure of testing the first Ilumen model, the Kaliente, which is similar to the Cadet V, but with a different propulsion system and interior layout. We have gone from a Reintjes Fortjes pod drive system to a in-line transmission system. With the same load and in the same weather and sea conditions, this latter solution makes it possible to gain around half a knot. The top speed recorded with the Cadet Vis 20.2 knots, with a cruising speed of 14 knots and an economical speed of 11.5 knots, at which the boat can cover around 1300 nautical miles consuming just over 110 litres per hour in total. It is worth noting that the Cadet Vweighs a few tonnes less than the Kaliente.

Andrea Agrusta states: «The engineering on this unique boat has been developed due to the need to ensure a high level of static and dynamic stability. This has been made possible thanks to the balanced choice of materials, the shape of the hull and the distribution of weight on board. The extensive use of carbon fibre, sandwich construction and vacuum-bag technology with epoxy resin resulted in an extremely advanced structural layout».

Luca Catino developed the interior design, working in close partnership with Giulia Sigismondi.  Particular care was taken in the selection of the prized woods used to dress this yacht, with tones of grey, oak and blue rosewood created especially for the owner.

Space and light are the central features of an architecture offering unique views through floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior is as sophisticated and opulent as a luxury villa. Simply flick a switch in the sumptuous master suite and a hidden window opens onto your own private terrace in the bow. Cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering details are combined with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in the Dominator Ilumen.

The main deck provides plenty of space for a customised layout comprised of a formal dining room, bar and lounge. The external cockpit is furnished with a sofa, a raised table and additional chairs to create an outdoor dining area shaded by the roof of the fly bridge. The top deck offers a glamorous environment with a table for lunching outside in the shade of the Bimini top that can be opened automatically for dining in the moonlight. The fly bridge also has a Jacuzzi and a large sundeck in the stern.

Angela Pernstainer

The Cadet V has a full-beam master suite and three guest cabins, including a VIP cabin, on the lower deck. All the cabins have en-suite bathrooms. The aft also houses two crew cabins. A sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn and two beautiful pieces by Stefano Curto, featuring thousands of Swarovski crystals, add a particular touch of sophistication to the interiors.

The bathrooms are embellished by a handmade mosaic by Sicis.  The grey parquet flooring, with darker seams, provides an ideal backdrop to the artworks on the walls of the master cabin and in the hall of the lower deck.

The boat also has plenty of luxury sea toys to offer, including a Williams Jet Tender 395, a Seadoo Spark jet ski, two Seabobs and a Radinn Wakejet electric wakeboard.

«An Ilumenis a made-to-measure product and the result of our on-going commitment to technological research and development», says Angela Pernsteiner, CEO of Dominator Ilumen.«We work together with the best experts in their fields to ensure that we are at the forefront in engineering and design, so that we can offer yachts that are powerful, thrilling, beautiful and safe in this segment of the market».

Ilumen 28 Cadet V
Andrea Agrusta NavalHEAD (Naval Architecture and Engineering) • Luca Catino (Interior design) •Giulia Sigismondi (Décor)
HULL: LOA 27.35m • Certified Length 23.95m • Maximum beam 6.58m • Draft at the propellers 1.85m • Displacement 72.2 tonnes • Fuel tank volume 9000 l + 4000 l • Water tank volume 1900 l • Guest cabins 4 • Bathrooms 4 • Crew cabins 2 • Crew bathrooms 2
MAIN PROPULSION:  2 Man • Outlet mechanical power 882kW (1200 hp) each engine

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 (Ilumen 28 Cadet V, absolutely tailor made – – Maggio 2019)

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